30+ Brilliant DIY Candle Making And Decorating Tutorials

When it comes to home decor or self-made gifts, there’s nothing better than personalized DIY candles that can deliver an all-new look to your room as well as keep your loved ones reminded of you. Here are 31 DIY tutorials that are brilliantly beautiful, unbelievably easy, yet simply wonderful when it comes to turning your candle making projects into a child’s play and prove that there’s a candle for everything !


1. DIY Poured Mason Jar Candles


You simply can’t deny the cuteness and utilities of The Mason Jar. But, have you ever transformed one into a candle? You might think it would be difficult and messy, but following these easy instructions for making your own DIY poured mason jar candles, you surprisingly wouldn’t wait to make more lovely, brightly colored candles for yourself, or for gifting a loved one.

DIY Details : somethingturquoise

2. DIY Funfetti Candles Made from Candy Sprinkles


Homemade candles are an amazing home decoration, especially when they are filled with colorful candy sprinkles. You’ll love the mood they make and the way they smell. Making these DIY funfetti candles is pretty easy and you can buy the supplies at most craft stores. If you have got some spare glass jars, some wax from old or un-used candles, you can simply get going!

DIY Details : sewlicioushomedecor

3. DIY Mini-Candles Using Silicone Ice Cube Trays


Apart from making ice, you might want to use those silicone ice cube trays kept in your kitchen for other things, such as candle making. They can be a unique yet budget-friendly tool for crafting interestingly shapes candles. This pictorial DIY hack that teaches you how to use a silicone ice cube tray to mold adorable candles is absolutely awesome and easy-to-follow.

DIY Details : indulgy

4. Soy Candles Tutorial + Labels


Burning longer than paraffin wax, producing less soot and being easy-to-clean, soy wax is truly natural, renewable and non-toxic. Soy candles make a wonderful gift with a special, personalized touch. Plus, the endless options for scents and colors makes the whole idea even more appealing. With this tutorial, you would know making them is unbelievably simple.

DIY Details : goinghometoroost

5. How To Make Votive Candles


When it comes to creating a gorgeous ambiance and lighting, there’s nothing like candlelight. If you wish to enhance a lovely dinner party and make it even more special, then DIY Votive Candles are simply fantastic. These candles made using votive molds will have a unique crystal-like, feathered or marbled appearance that is complemented by their imperfections.

DIY Details : somethingturquoise

6. DIY Orange Mint Coconut Wax Candle


Adding the great fragrance of orange, mint and coconut to your candles means that your house will smell delicious all season. These DIY Orange Mint Coconut Wax Candles are very simple to make and therefore don’t take much time. It’s really just a matter of mixing, melting, and pouring and maybe decorating. Best of all, you can prepare them for just a few dollars.

DIY Details : sprinklesinsprings

7. DIY Pressed Herb Candles


Summers is the time when we all fall in love with the fresh herbs growing in our backyards. What if you could find a way to keep them safe for the rest of the year as well ? Grab some lavender and chocolate mint from your garden and use them to make some beautiful candles all by yourself, that too in just a few minutes with the help of this guide.

DIY Details : adventures-in-making

8. Use Crayons to Create Color Block Candles


Crayons break, get thrown away and get replaced by a new set. But, instead of throwing them, you can turn them into beautiful candles. If you have a bunch of old crayons on hand and are interested in making some charming color block candles, then this one is the perfect set of instructions for you! As kids love crafts, ask them to help you stir crayons with wax.

DIY Details : brit

9. How To Make Beeswax Candles


Beeswax has always been used in many homemade beauty products as it smells and feels delicious. Beyond being a beauty product binder, it can be very soothing as it purifies the air as it burns, when in a candle. Learn to make your own beeswax candles that have a golden glow and long burn time as their other charms.

DIY Details : theprairiehomestead

10. DIY French Vanilla Candles


The warmth of a candle flame has been proven to do good for your body as well as for your mind. These beautiful DIY candles made with coffee and vanilla beans will release an awesome fall aroma that will not only make you feel amazing, but will also make your house feel much more warm and cozy as the nights slowly draw in.

DIY Details : hellonatural

11. How To Make Citronella Candles With Eucalyptus


The spring or summer months mean spending loads of time outdoors, whether its cooking in the garden or simply partying in the backyard. But, the thing that makes these events bothering is lots of bugs. Make large batches of citronella candles with eucalyptus for keeping bugs out of your summer parties, so very easily with this tutorial.

DIY Details : growingupgabel

12. Transform Wine Bottles into Handmade Candles


Old wine bottles transformed into handmade candles are so pretty and versatile, that having made them once, you can gift them to dear ones as Christmas presents, save them for birthdays, or simply place them in the living room for cherishing their flickering fragrance. Check out how you can make your own candles with empty wine bottles.

DIY Details : lovelygreens

13. DIY Autumn Cinnamon Spiced Candles


Do you wish to keep the yummy aroma of autumn spices intact with you ? If yes, lovely fall cinnamon spiced candles are perfect for filling your house with delicious smells, without the need to use any artificial fragrances or purchasing any extra stuff. Just get some cinnamon from your kitchen, some wax and jars to begin with the project!

DIY Details : thehappierhomemaker

14. DIY Champagne Flute Candles


No matter what’s the reason for celebration, the glitter and romance of a champagne glass can always set the mood, specially if its a candle. This tutorial is to show how cost-friendly and easy candle making can be, especially since most of the supplies probably already exist in your home.

DIY Details : couponcloset

15. Make Your Own Citronella Candles


Citronella candles are a great way to keep the mosquitoes away without slathering everyone with repellent every few hours. Making citronella candles at home can be much more effective and affordable than purchasing them from the stores. Here is how to make gorgeous candles in the easiest technique you might have ever came across.

DIY Details : hometalk

16. The Ultimate DIY Candle Guide


There is a broad spectrum of methods available to create your own candles. While some may seem to be a bit complicated, this guide covers a few different ways to make the whole task quite simple for you. Make candles with this utterly easy step-by-step guide, all you need is a container, a wick, some wax and something to scent the candle with.

DIY Details : heywandererblog

17. Turn Seashells Into Beautiful Candles


If you are in love with the whole beach experience, or simply fond of seashells, why not turn them into beautiful candles to add a pretty touch to your home. Making some quick shell candles takes next to no time and money. With a total of only four materials required, these shell candles are easy-to-make, totally chic and great fun to pour.

DIY Details : sheknows

18. How to Make Coffee Candles


If you love candles but don’t want to spend your hard-earned money, you can turn wax or old candles into one-of-a-kind creations using a handful of coffee beans. Inexpensive and lovely-looking DIY Coffee candles are really quick and easy to make for hostess, birthday, and wedding gifts. Learn how to make coffee candles all by yourself with this detailed tutorial.

DIY Details : ehow

19. Citrus-and-Spice-Scented Candles


A zesty blend of juicy citrus and spice is truly luxurious, specially when it makes the space smell amazing in the form of scented candles. Giving handmade presents makes each gift extra special. These DIY citrus and spice candles with a unique fragrance can be personalized and gifted to all your friends and family.

DIY Details : marthastewart

20. How to Make Lavender Candles


The one of a kind floral and herbal fragrance of lavender is just so intoxicating ! Beyond its appealing aroma, lavender has been shown to help relieve insomnia, stress, and anxiety. Why not infuse that scent and amazing health benefits throughout your home transforming the sweet herb into candles ? Here’s how to make lavender candles at home in just a few minutes.

DIY Details : town-n-country-living

21. DIY Scentsy Candles


It’s always great to yield an amazing project from something that would have otherwise been thrown away. Once, the Scentsy wickless candles lose all their scent, they are usually discarded. But, you can prevent the wax from your Scentsy bars from getting wasted, and instead turn them into bright candles with just a few supplies and truly easy steps.

DIY Details : kristendukephotography

22. DIY Crayon Candles


As crayons are made from paraffin wax with coloring added, you can use old crayons found around your home to make brand new candles. Candles crafted from crayons will not only look good, but will also cut some costs spent in buying expensive regular candles. Plus, you would love mixing your own shades and creating unique color combinations.

DIY Details : notimeforflashcards

23. How to Make Your Own Citronella Candles


Citronella oil is an all-natural insect repellent that becomes a must for spending some outdoor time in the pleasant weather seasons. But, with this tutorial, you can find a way to make candles having citronella that are both beautiful and efficient in bidding farewell to insects. And yes, this oil will also change colors with the lights.

DIY Details : martysmusings

24. How to Make Recycled DIY Citronella Candles


How about creating a few of your own citronella candles using the candles you already have? Make it even more amazing with some charming tins and the lovely combination of grapefruit scent, as explained in this tutorial. Another great thing about these DIY candles is that you can control the amount of citronella oil to put into the candle at will.

DIY Details : sugarandcharm

25. Easy DIY Bottle-Cap Candles


The bottlecaps of your favourite drinks can be turned into an assortment of tasteful candles. This supercute DIY for making minicandles is just about free as all it requires is some saved bottle caps, candle ends and candle wicks that you can pick up at a local craft store for just a few bucks. Luckily, it’s easier than finishing your way through the bottles.

DIY Details : popsugar

26. Making 50 Hour Soy Survival Candles


When buying from the stores, long burning candles are priced quite high, whereas making them at home can cost you nearly 2 dollars per candle. This tutorial teaches you how to create your own DIY soy survival candles that can last for as long as 50 hours. All you need is some wax, glass jar, cans and wicks to get going !

DIY Details : happymoneysaver

27. Scented Soy Votive Candles


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the soothing glow of candlelight is a must to call any mantel or or table complete. Plus, when it comes to giving a homemade gift to your special ones, a bundle of softly scented votive candles can never fail to make a mark. Create and personalize them at home with a touch of your preferred colors, patterns and scents.

DIY Details : marthastewart

28. DIY Coffee Cup Candles


Have you collected pretty cups and saucers for a long time, but have lost all your interest in them because all they did is sit there taking up space. Coffee cup candles are a remarkable way to make that collection of gorgeous cups useful. Simply bring one out with a design that fits in the mood, occasion or the season and turn it into a coffee cup candle.

DIY Details : sweetcayenne

29. DIY Citrenolla Canfles


If you wish to make citronella candles only for repelling mosquitoes and are not that crazy about the oil, you can add a few additional scents such as pine, mandarin orange, peppermint and oregano to your creation. Bugs won’t like these fragrances, while you can cherish the sweet aroma. This time, let’s make the citronella candles in beautiful steel cans as guided in this tutorial.

DIY Details : gardentherapy

30. Uniquely Scented DIY Soy Candles : Wedding Favors


Raspberry Sangria Fragrance Oil can work as an amazing source of aroma at a wedding. Whether you are planning to light them on your own special day or gifting to someone special, these uniquely scented DIY soy candles can fill the occasion with the gentle glow and summer fresh fragrance, while reminding the guests of the fresh flavor of raspberries.

DIY Details : candlescience

31. DIY Teacup Candles


Teacup candles can make an utterly adorable gift, at the same time being quite useful even after all the wax dries up. You are definitely going to love this project as it’s easy, cute and perfect for favors, home decor, gifts, bridal showers and almost every occasion imaginable. Find out how you can make your own one-of-a-kind Teacup Candles !

DIY Details : yesmissy

Having a look at the above fantastic DIY candles making tutorials makes it definite that creating a relaxed ambiance, a gorgeous centerpiece or an all-natural fragrance with your own homemade candles is much easier than you would have thought. With just a few simple supplies and a little creativity, you can build a stunning collection of luminaries!

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