30 Brilliant DIY Balloon Projects

Today is a day that’s all about celebration. It’s Thanksgiving, the first day of Hanukkah, and guess what else it is? My 30th birthday! And what better way to celebrate than by rounding up 30 brilliant balloon projects perfect for birthdays, holiday parties, weddings, and more?

01. DIY Donut Balloons

We’re pretty into donuts of all shapes and sizes, but have never seen such awesome balloons before. The perfectly placed sprinkles really seal the deal.

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-01Via Studio DIY

02. Balloon Chandelier Table Numbers

For an unconventional take on table numbers, create a floating “chandelier” out of balloons and hang numbers from the balloons! You could include pictures of guests, you or your significant other with the guest, or simply photos of the two of you.

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-02Via Wedding Chicks

03. Ice Cream Balloons

Balloons continue to masquerade as dessert in this clever DIY project. Great for an ice cream social type party or pretty much any birthday get-together.

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-03Via Prudent Baby

04. Balloon-Dipped Mason Jars

This has become a go-to decor basic here at Brit HQ, from Halloween to the holidays. Best of all, the dip is totally temporary so makes a great hack for a last minute cocktail party.

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-04Via Brit + Co.

05. Pom Pom Balloons

Pom poms on balloons? Our party planning minds just exploded.

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-05Via Design Improvised

06. Confetti-Dipped Balloons

The season of confetti is here, and these gold-dipped balloons are a great place to start.

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-06Via Studio DIY

07. Fruit Balloon Garland

We will never stop giggling over this genius DIY project.

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-07Via Oh Happy Day

08. Balloon Bud Vases

Another one of our last minute decor hacks, you can wrap small tumblers or shot glasses in a balloon, with the opening of the balloon acting as an opening for a flower or two.

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-08Via Brit + Co.

09. Balloon Backdrop

For a super affordable backdrop, cover an entire wall with balloons! If you don’t feel like going the helium route, simply blow up and stick on the wall. So fun!

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-09Via Lil Sugar

10. Balloon Wall

For something a little more minimal, we love this idea for adorning the wall behind a makeshift bar or dessert table.

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-10Via Honey and Fitz

11. Put a Party Hat on Your Balloon

When in doubt, you can always put a party hat on it 😉

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-11Via Brit + Co.

12. Gold Splatter Paint Balloons

Remember making splatter paint art projects in elementary school? This elevated take on the splatter technique is great for New Year’s Eve decor.

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-12Via Studio DIY

13. Macrame Balloons

No time for a run to Party City for helium? Whip up these simple macrame balloon holders and your party will stay afloat.

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-13Via You Are My Fave

14. LED Balloons

Fun fact about this project? It inspired our very first Brit Kit, more than one year ago. It will instantly light up any party, pun intended.

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-14Via Brit + Co.

15. Polka Dot Balloons

The trick with these darlings? Silver polka dot stickers that you can totally reuse on another batch of balloons once these deflate.

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-15Via A Subtle Revelry

16. Last Minute Gift Ribbons

As part of our 12 Days of Wrapping series, we got crafty with colorful odds and ends found around the house. Turns out balloon animal balloons double as ribbon!

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-16Via Brit + Co.

17. Kids Hot Air Balloon Photo Booth

This might be one of the cutest photo booth backdrops we’ve ever seen. All you need is a basket, a jumbo balloon, and a few decor accessories to recreate your own hot air balloon scene.

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-17Via Oh Happy Day

18. I Am Thankful For…

Today is a rather appropriate day for a balloon like this one! It would be cute to write this, then deflate, and gift to your guests at Thanksgiving.

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-18Via Studio DIY

19. Balloon Stemware

If you’re looking to add a quick pop of color and festive spirit to your basic wine glasses, add balloons.

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-19Via Brit + Co.

20. Fortune Balloon Garland

Fill balloons with fortunes and invite guests to pop ’em!

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-20Via Oh Happy Day

21. Birthday Wreath

Whoa. Now that is a LOT of color! We’d love to see a less rainbow-inspired version of this with white, gold, and silver balloons for the holidays.

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-21Via How Does She?

22. Holly Balloon Garland

Speaking of the holidays, how cute are these holly balloons?!

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-22Via Hellobee

23. Color Blocked Balloon Garlands

Another way of keeping your balloons afloat without help from helium, string them into color-blocked garlands and hang from the ceiling.

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-23Via A Girl and a Boy

24. Flying Wedding Couple

Created for a wedding, these flying folks are oh-so-whimsical.

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-24Via Brooklyn Bride

25. Party in a Box

It’s a party… in a box! Simply inflate balloons, attach garlands to the ribbons, and put in an extra large box. Send to someone whose birthday it is, and make sure their significant other takes a video of the balloon reveal.

Via Brit + Co.

26. Giant Balloon Heart

How sweet is this?AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-26Via Studio DIY

27. Save the Date

For my save the date video, we used number balloons to share our date!

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-27Via Anjelika on Vimeo

28. Balloon Ice Packs

We know that cooler season is very much behind us, so bookmark this one for summer. They’re freezer packs that turn into water balloons as they melt. Just be sure you wait until the ice has fully melted.

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-28Via Brit + Co.

29. Gold Foil Confetti Balloons

Another take on the confetti balloon, these take giant gold confetti foil circles and attach them to balloons for a chic adornment.

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-29Via Alex and Alexa

30. Lollipop Balloons

And finally, a scene right out of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory… or a Katy Perry music video.

AD-Brilliant-DIY-Balloon-Projects-30Via The House that Lars Built)

How do you decorate with balloons for parties? What other birthday party DIY tricks would you like to see on Brit.co? Talk to us in the comments below.

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