20 Beautiful And Attractive Gardening Design Ideas Torn From Fairy Tales

Leaf by leaf flower by flower we sculpt the ambient in which we reside, the backyard and sanctuary in which we seek peace and calm. In your backyard you are the architect and the design handling nature in all its beauty to a state of equilibrium. Countless possible and infinite combinations cannot be defined nor followed as recipe towards a beautiful garden, seek inspiration and start planting, it will be one of the most rewardful activities you will ever do.

Cast a glance at the beautiful and attractive gardening design ideas showcased below and surge inspiration from the wonderful greenery setups tailored. We would love to hear your opinion in the comment section below.

1. Beautiful Iron Forged Decoration Sheltering Three Different Planters


2. Stone Made Basket Decoration Sheltering Flowers


3. Backyard Landscape Design With Aromatic Plants Arranged In Clusters


4. Wooden Pallets Providing Raised Beds For Various Flowers


5. Old Brick Wall Flooded By Roses & Plants Into A Romantic Setting


6. Simple Bucket Filled With Colorful Plants Inserted In Lush Vegetation


7. Colorfully Painted Tin Cans Holding Flowers On A Pillar


8. Wooden Wheelbarrow In An Ocean Of Flowers


9. Old Teapots Holding Flowers On A Handrail


10. Artistic Installation In The Garden Showcasing Creativity Through Beauty


11. Wooden Trunks Used As Planters In A Green Field


12. Terrace Flooded By Flowers & Greenery


13. Wooden Branches Composing A Colorful Bench In A Rustic Farm Design


14. Shoe Planters

Drill a few holes in the bottom for proper drainage, and you’ve got a charming little container! This works well for plants with small root systems, like succulents or herbs.



15. Multiple Planters Nestling An Entire New Bonsai Farm


16. Water Fountain Planters

Water fountains make for enchanting petite gardens. How fun would it be to make a little garden with rocks, moss, small plants, and mini garden accessories?!

AD-Beautiful-And-Attractive-Gardening-Design-Ideas-161. BHG 2. Rancho Reubidoux 3. bc living

17. Sink Planters

How Clever! I suppose you could use just about anything as a planter. The sweet Alyssum on the first picture creates the illusion of soap suds around the carefully placed plates.

AD-Beautiful-And-Attractive-Gardening-Design-Ideas-17Top: My Home Ideas Bottom: Midwest Living

18. Tree Stump Planters

What might now be an eyesore, can be a beautiful and natural flower pot. Use a chisel and hammer to carve out the middle of a tree stump or log, fill with soil, and then plant flowers of your choice.
AD-Beautiful-And-Attractive-Gardening-Design-Ideas-181. Pinterest 2. Interior Holic 3. Houzz

19. Cinder Block Planters

Stacked cinder blocks have readymade compartments that are ideal for a variety of plants. You can stack and build them to create a wall or fit a custom space.

AD-Beautiful-And-Attractive-Gardening-Design-Ideas-191. Bob Vila 2. Design Sponge 3. Pinterest

20. Chair Planter

Simply remove the seat so your pot can rest in the frame!

AD-Beautiful-And-Attractive-Gardening-Design-Ideas-201. Unknown 2. Seattle Times 3. Debra Prinzing

Beautiful and attractive gardening ideas are born from creativity and experience more than anything else. The items surroundings are opening up endless possibilities for the creative mind; think twice before throwing something away and always donate or reuse the items that you`re no longer using.

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