20+ Awesome Ideas To Decorate Your Home With Minions

Minions came and won the hearts of every young and old and we see them almost everywhere. So, how about decorating your home too with these funny creatures? You can use them to adorn your home in many ways from as small project as minion pillows to as big decor as a minions mural. So, take a look at the ways we have collected for you to do minion decor:

01. Make These Cool Minions with Terracotta Pots and Outdoor Paint

AD-Awesome-Ideas-To-Decorate-Your-Home-With-Minions-01Image via: misleddit

02. Dress Your Front Door with a Minion Cover for Special Occasions

AD-Awesome-Ideas-To-Decorate-Your-Home-With-Minions-02Image via: homedit , pinterest

03. Sew Some Cute Minion Pillows for Your Kids’ Room or Living Room

AD-Awesome-Ideas-To-Decorate-Your-Home-With-Minions-03Image via: weartheduckytie

04. Craft These Cute Minion Tyre Planters for Your Garden or Patio

AD-Awesome-Ideas-To-Decorate-Your-Home-With-Minions-04Image via: thewhoot

05. Add Fun to Your Kids’ Room with Minions Wall Decals

AD-Awesome-Ideas-To-Decorate-Your-Home-With-Minions-05Image via: fathead

06. For Even More Fun Get Your Kids a Minions Bedding Set and Make Sleep Time Fun Time

AD-Awesome-Ideas-To-Decorate-Your-Home-With-Minions-06Image via: ebeddingsets , ebeddingsets

07. Paint Mason Jars into Cute Minions

AD-Awesome-Ideas-To-Decorate-Your-Home-With-Minions-07Image via: etsy , craftionary

08. Craft a Cheerful Minion Rug with Yarn

AD-Awesome-Ideas-To-Decorate-Your-Home-With-Minions-08Image via: pinterest

09. A Minions Fire Pit? Yes Please!

AD-Awesome-Ideas-To-Decorate-Your-Home-With-Minions-09Image via: steampunktendencies

10. Paste a Funny Minions Wallpaper in Your Kids’ Room

AD-Awesome-Ideas-To-Decorate-Your-Home-With-Minions-10Image via: coldwellbanker

11. This Giant Minion Bed Is The Best Cuddle Buddy You’ll Ever Have


12. Garden Tool Tyre Minion


13. Minion Dresser For Kids Room


14. Minions British Invasion Collection Wall Decal


15. Despicable Me Minions Bedroom Range




16. Minion Bedroom Set


17. Minion Bed Design & Wall Decor


18. Minion Door Decor


19. Minions Bed Sheet

AD-Awesome-Ideas-To-Decorate-Your-Home-With-Minions-19Image via: pinterest

20. Themed Treats


Whether you buy or make the treats yourself, try to stay within the color scheme. For example, yellow and blue cupcakes would be a nice idea. Plus you can make those cute minion lollipops and put cute little faces on the muffins.{found on catchmyparty}.

21. Minion Banners


Making these banners is really easy if you have a printer. Simply print out the pages and then use yellow ribbon to put the whole piece together. You can make the banners as long as you like.

22. Themed Sign


Not everything has to look exactly perfect. In fact, get the kids involved and let them draw their own little minions and then make a sign to display above that table full of delicious treats you’ve put together.{found oncatchmyparty}.

23. Cute Yellow Cups


Get a bunch of yellow disposable cups and draw minion faces on them with a marker. Yo can also get some googly eyes and glue them onto the cups. Some can have only one and some can have two.

24. Themed Treat Bags


These treat bags are really easy to make. The hard part is finding them in the right color. Then decorate them with black tape or you can just draw the faces on with a black marker. You can print out the eyes and glue them on.

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