25 Amazing Ideas How To Use Your Home’s Corner Space

Are you often complaining that the space of your home is too small to contain so many things of yours? Sometimes we cannot change the fact that we have a tiny home with a limited space. But expand your small space has never been a difficult thing. What you need is just the creative ideas. Here we introduced you some amazing ways how to masterly use the corner space of your home. For example, you can create a corner shelves to store your rare books or install a cozy reading nook under the stairs. Have a look at below list. More ideas to get smart, useful space by using the corners of your home. Enjoy!

01. A bed Tucked Under the Stairway


02. Enjoy Your Own Bar After a Busy Working Day


03. How About a Sofa Table Like This


04. Transform the Unusable Space to a Cabinet for Kitchen Utensils Storage


05. Set Up a Mini Mudroom


06. Build a Bookshelf or Install Display Shelf for Family Pictures

AD-Make-Use-Of-Corner-Space-06Source  Source

07. Set Up a Slide-out Cabinet as Canned Food Organizer

AD-Make-Use-Of-Corner-Space-07Tutorial  Source

08. No Space for Your Bookshelf? Set up a Slim Floating One.


09. Create a Tiny Closet, If You Have no Enough Space


10. Cozy Reading Nook Under Stairway


11. Make Clever Use of Corner Space for Kitchen Drawers


12. No Enough Room To Arrange Your Home Office, Try it


13. Transform It to a Wine Cellar


14. Corner Makeshift Closet


15. Art Corner Organization


16. Under Stair Shelves and Storage Space Idea

Stair shelves and unconventional storage spaces around your stairs are clever ways to declutter your home.


17. Corner Fireplace


18. Foyer Seating: Make Better Use of Entryway Corners


19. DIY Floating Breakfast Bar


20. Corner bookcases and wall shelves for corners


21. Small home office with wall shelves in the corner


22. Bathroom design with corner shelves


23. Corner shelving ideas for modern kitchen design


24. Customize a Cabinet

If you can’t find the perfect item, build it yourself. Shannon created some innovative bathroom corner cabinetry that maximizes space in her bathroom.


25. Make it Special


Focal points are not always over the sofa or fireplace. Turn an unassuming corner into something unique, with the help of dramatic decor, such as this hanging rattan chair.

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