30+ Amazing Floor Design Ideas For Homes Indoor & Outdoor

Floor is an important part of your home that it carries all the items of your home and your family. The floor design ideas reflect the concept and quality of your life. And the design of floor is not casually. The design idea for your floor must depend entirely upon your personal taste and also the room interiors. So how to design a rugged and beautiful floor? Hardwood floor? Marble floor? or DIY pallet floor… Which one is suited for you? Here we have found several different types of floor design ideas, and if you are serious about searching for the best floor design ideas, you can come to us.

1. Stained Concrete Floor Looks Like Water:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-01Get full tutorial at: hgtv.com

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-01-1Source: houselogic.com

2. Cover the floor in a giant map of the world:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-02Source: uncovet.tumblr.com

3. Tape-hacked hopscotch:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-03Source: haga26.se

4. Stamp Concrete To Look Like Wood Floor:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-04Get full tutorial at: thelilhousethatcould.com

5. Optical Illusion Floor:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-05Source: sliptalk.com

6. Recycled Wooden Pallets Floor:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-06Get full tutorial at: survivingthesheep.com

7. Mosaic Bathroom Floor:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-07Source: goodshomedesign.com

8. Painted Patio Floor:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-08Source: abeautifulmess.com

9. A Recycled Pallet Patio Floor:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-09Source: 1001pallets.com

10.Decorate Your Pathway with Mosaics Pattern:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-10Source: eliassantosportfolio.blogspot.com

11. Make a Penny Floor:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-11Get full tutorial at: adetailedhouse.com

12. Add Decorative Gravel Patches to Wood Tiles Floor:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-12Source: essentialbaby.com.au

13. Rustic wood board plus brick floor:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-13Get full tutorial at: 1900farmhouse.blogspot.com

14. Paint stripes wider, and let the existing wood show through:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-14Source: curbly.com

15. Etched and stained concrete:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-15Source: strattonexteriors.com

16. Cover The Backyard Ground with River Rocks:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-16Source: cindab.com

17. Geometric interlocking floor:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-17Source: evolulignum.blogspot.no

18. Wood paneled pavers surrounded by river rock ground cover:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-18Source: trendir.com

19. Painted hallway floor:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-19Get full tutorial at: alisaburke.blogspot.com.es

20. Cover with natural wood:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-20Source: hardwoodfloorsmag.com

21. An outdoor mosaic floor:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-21Source: inspirationsandwich.wordpress.com

22. Wood Slice Floor:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-22Source: houzz.com

23. Wild tile bathroom floor:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-23Source: blog.hgtv.com

24. Brick on the kitchen floor:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-24Source: thehandmadehome.net

25. Dramatic stencils on wood floors:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-25Get full tutorial at: remodelista.com

26. Bold Colored Floors That Wow:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-26Source: housebeautiful.com

27. Wine crate floors:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-27Source: lisaroy.ca

28. Transition from Wood to Concrete:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-28Source: remodelista.com

29. Painted Faux Stones On a Concrete Patio:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-29Source: dumpaday.com

30. Repurposed Leather Belt Floors:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-30Get full tutorial at: thesuels.blogspot.com

31. Subway Art Painted Laundry Room Floor:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-31Get full tutorial at: remodelaholic.com

32. Wood tiles for small backyard:

AD-Indoor-&-Outdoor-Floor-Design-Ideas-32Source: apartmenttherapy.com

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