20 Amazing DIY Ideas For Outdoor Rusted Metal Projects

Garden and backyard are the most used space in warm weather, so you should consider change something and make them look nicer. When it comes to create interesting and attractive landscaping, most of time you will choose plants, flowers, stone paths, wood, stone and water.  But in addition, you can not ignore rusted metal decorations and anti-corrosion coating.

With a little creativity and an artistic touch, you can transform those rusted metal objects into beautiful additions for your backyard and garden.

As an unique decorative material, rusted metal accents create stunning contrast with normal material and can surely help you to enhance the beauty of your space.

Have a look our collection, and make your own version!

01. A wagon wheel can be INSERTED into a rock wall for a rustic French vibe


02. Or you can also find them on a garden border.


Old metallic rusted wheels used as garden bed edging


03. Create a beautiful garden landscape from metal “moongate”.


04. Transform a garden gate into beautiful sculpture and garden art.


05. Wind chime can be made with several metres of rusty chain.

AD-Rusted-Metal-Projects-05Get the Tutorial —-> Instructables

06. Created from rusted steel, this contemporary water feature will be a focal point in a garden.


07. Whether lit or unlit, the “Up North” fire pit always is a beautiful addition to your backyard.


08. An IMPECCABLE succulent wall will define your garden composition


09. Stunning steel borders for garden bed.


Edge your garden beds fluidly


Use metallic cylinders and trays as garden beds


10. Place a beautiful elegant metallic planter on your deck as a gorgeous focal point


11. Recycle old rusted CYLINDERS to edge your garden beds


12. Mark the ENTRANCE to your home with a copper  installation


13. Create a METALLIC installation for climbing plants


14. Create a wonderful rhythm to a JAPANESE garden fence

Bamboo copper and exposed concrete, all merged into a perfectly balanced composition.


15. Recycle old METALLIC bits and pieces to create unusual sculptures


16. Use rusted copper to decorate your garden fence


17. Define your garden fire pit with a custom made protection


18. Invest in coppery flower planters for a BEAUTIFUL CONTRAST


19. Increase the value of your garden with an eccentric metallic wall art piece


20. Try EDGING with metal for a small cozy patio


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