45 Adorable And FREE Crochet Baby Booties Patterns

Making baby gifts with your own hands is the sweetest way to show your love and welcome those new little ones to the world! If you love crocheting, you can create a nice one with some yarn, a crochet hook and a bit of time. Crochet baby booties are one of the most popular handmade baby shower gifts that everyone will love. How can anyone resist the sweet little baby feet in these cute crochet baby booties? That’s why we we have put together a fabulous roundup of more than 40 adorable crochet baby booties patterns for you to enjoy and make. They are great to keep the little toes and feet warm and fashionable. Some of the patterns are easy for the beginners. Others are fun to work up for the more experienced crocheters. Each unique pattern can be customized with color, size and your own design for the perfect finish. The best thing is they are absolutely FREE! Let’s bring out the crochet hook and make one of these adorable crochet baby booties for your little one or as a gift. Get ready for the compliments you’ll receive! 🙂

01. Crochet Baby Converse Booties


Stylish and comfortable crochet baby Converse booties for the Converse fans! (Free Pattern by Suzanne Resaul via Ravelry)

02. Crochet Cuffed Baby Booties



Cute crochet cuffed baby booties. Love the flower button! (Free Pattern and Video Tutorial via Repeat Crafter Me)

03. Hello Kitty Crochet Slippers




Adorable Hello Kitty crochet slippers! Great for the little Hello Kitty fans! (Free Pattern via Knotty Living; Video Tutorial via YouTube)

04. Crochet Crocodile Stitch Booties


Love the unique scale design of these crocodile stitch booties! (Free Pattern & Video Tutorial via Crochet Jewel)

05. Little Dot Mary Janes


Easy-to-make Mary Jane crochet slippers. (Free Pattern via Whistle & Ivy)

06. Crochet Bunny Booties


How adorable are these crochet bunny booties. They are perfect for the Spring and the coming Easter. Pattern for the matching crochet hat is also available. (Free Pattern via Red Heart)

07. Crochet Wrap Around Button Baby Boots for Girls and Boys



Adorable crochet baby boots with wrap around buttoned strap closure! Pattern for infant boots is also available. (Free Patterns via Ashlee Marie, Ashlee Marie)

08. Vintage Mary Jane Crochet Baby Booties


Pretty vintage Mary Jane baby booties with crochet flower decoration and button strap closure. (Free Pattern via Hopeful Honey)

09. UGG Style Crochet Baby Booties


Cute UGG style crochet baby booties for the UGG fans! (Free Pattern in Translated Version via Natalia Gruhina)

10. Daisy Stitch Crochet Booties


Warm crochet baby booties made with the Daisy Stitch technique. Love the rainbow ones. (Free Pattern and Video Tutorial via Megan Mills)

11. Sweet Little Baby Moccasins


Sweet and cute little crochet baby moccasins. (Free Pattern via Little Eme)

12. Crocheted Newborn Slippers


Beautiful crochet newborn slippers. Pattern for the matching flower hat is also available. (Free Pattern via Handmade by Meg K)

13. Crochet Mary Jane Skimmer Booties


Cute crochet Mary Jane skimmer booties in various colors. (Free Pattern by Tampa Bay Crochet via Ravelry)

14. Baby Boat Booties


Lovely baby boat booties for both boys and girls. (Free Pattern via Whistle & Ivy)

15. Crochet Bow Booties


Baby booties with cute bows at the front. (Free Pattern via Caxigalinas)

16. Crochet Crocodile Stitch Baby Booties


The scale design of these crochet crocodile stitch baby booties is so unique and cute. (Free Pattern by Laura Tegg via Ravelry)

17. Crochet Converse Newborn High Tops



Another great pattern for crochet Converse newborn high tops. (Free Pattern viaKnot Your Nana’s Crochet)

18. Simple Crochet Baby Booties


These simple and pretty crochet baby booties are easy to make even for the beginner crocheters. (Free Pattern via Jessica Felton)

19. Crochet Baby Booties


Lovely crochet  baby booties in various colors. (Free Pattern via Yarnspirations)

20. Double Strapped Crochet Baby Mary Jane Slippers


Adorable crochet Mary Jane baby slippers with double strapped button closure. (Free Pattern via One Dog Woof)

21. Crochet Baby Ballerina Booties


Adorable crochet baby ballerina booties! (Free Pattern and Video Tutorial in Portuguese via Life Baby Sapatinhos)

22. Crochet Rain Boots


Cute crochet rain boots for the Spring. (Free Pattern via Repeat Crafter Me)

23. Crochet Dainty Mary Jane Baby Slippers


Cute Mary Jane slippers with crochet flower closure. (Free Pattern via Ravelry)

24. Lemon Drop Crochet Baby Booties


Bright and cute lemon drop crochet baby booties with bows. (Free Pattern via Hopeful Honey)

25. Spring Flower Crochet Baby Booties


These bright Spring flower crochet baby booties are the perfect handmade gifts to welcome the Spring babies. (Free Pattern via Annoo Crochet Designs)

26. Green Zebra Crochet Baby Booties


Stylish green zebra crochet baby booties with button closure. (Free Pattern viaCroby Patterns)

27. Posh Crochet Baby Booties


Cute little baby booties. Love the ribbon bow ornaments. (Free Pattern and Video Tutorial via Crochet Hooks You)

28. Crochet Bunny Slippers


Cute crochet bunny slippers for the coming Easter. (Free Pattern via Knot Your Nana’s Crochet)

29. Chili/Elf Crochet Baby Shoes


Adorable and bright colored crochet Chili/Elf baby shoes! (Free Pattern via Jee Q)

30. Crochet Slippers


Lovely slippers with felt cupcake ornaments. (Free Pattern via Good Knits)

31. Crochet Strawberry Booties


Cute strawberry booties for your little princess. (Free Pattern via Method13)

32. Bow Buckle Mary Janes


Cute Mary Jane slippers with bow buckles. (Free Pattern via Jay’s Boutique Blog)

33. Little Miss Booties


Dress up your baby girl in these cute booties to make her look as elegant as a lady! Love the pearl, ribbon and flower ornaments. (Free Pattern via Red Heart)

34. Crochet Newborn Booties


Cute little booties for newborns. Pattern for a matching crochet hat is also available. (Free Pattern via Knot Your Nana’s Crochet)

35. Crochet Owl Mary Jane Slippers


Cute crochet baby owl booties! (Free Pattern via Damn It Janet Let’s Crochet)

36. Crocheted Baby Booties


Adorable crochet baby booties. (Free Pattern via Hunerlerimiz)

37. Loopy Baby Booties


Cute little loopy baby booties with button ornaments. (Free Pattern via Hodgepodge Crochet)

38. Basic Baby Booties


Adorable basic baby slipper booties. Love the pretty crochet flower ornament. (Free Pattern by Mellony Bester via Ravelry)

39. Lion Baby Booties

AD-Adorable-And-FREE-Crochet-Baby-Booties-Patterns-39(Free Pattern via Caxigalinas)

40. Simple Crossover Booties


Simple and cute crossover baby booties. (Free Pattern by Louise Mac via Ravelry)

41. Crochet Frog Baby Booties


Adorable crochet frog baby booties with happy faces! (Free Pattern via Hopeful Honey)

42. Blooming Strawberry Crochet Baby Booties


Adorable blooming strawberry crochet baby booties with matching hat. (Free Pattern via My Hobby is Crochet)

43. SO FLUFFY Crochet Baby Booties


Adorable crochet baby booties with bows and matching beanie. (Free Pattern via Croby Patterns)

44. Lazy Daisy Girl’s Shoes


These adorable crochet daisy slippers are perfect for any little girls. (Free Pattern via Happyberry)

45. Crochet Elfin Baby Booties


Easy pattern for cute Elfin baby booties with jingle ball ornaments. (Free Pattern via DIY Maven)

Now you have seen all these 45 crochet baby booties patterns. Which one is you favorite and which one are you going to try? Please share with us your work on our Facebook page. You can also use the SHARE buttons on the left to share all these amazing patterns so that your friends can see all these adorable crochet baby sandals and probably get started to make one.

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