46 Genius Stocking Stuffers You’ll Want To Keep For Yourself

Find a sock-worthy gift for everyone on your list this holiday season.

1. Bacon Dish Towel, $15

Everybody loves bacon, and everyone with a kitchen could use some tea towels. Boom!

2. Crumb Vacuum, $11.99

Crumb Vacuum, $11.99

Get one of these adorable mouse vacuums for your messy foodie friend.

3. Glasses Contact Lens Case, $7

Glasses Contact Lens Case, $7

This ironic little contact case is perfect for any of your sight-impaired pals.

4. Metallic Temporary Tattoos, $9.99

Metallic Temporary Tattoos, $9.99

These temporary, metallic tattoos are the perfect gift for the non-committal tattoo lover.

5. #TheSelfie, $14.99

#TheSelfie, $14.99

For the avid selfie taker.

6. Moustache and Lips Glass Markers, $10

For the party planner with a sense of humor!

7. Mini Keyring Flask, $7

Mini Keyring Flask, $7

High Fashion Home / Via highfashionhome.com

Everyone has that one friend (all of your friends, probz) that will appreciate you for eternity with this gift.

8. A Minimergency Kit, $15.99

A Minimergency Kit, $15.99

Everything your clumsiest, most forgetful friend could need in a pinch.

9. Anti-theft Envelopes, $4.99 – $5.99

Anti-theft Envelopes, $4.99 - $5.99

Help your favorite wanderluster protect their important possessions while abroad.

10. Like/Dislike Stamps, $12.95

Like/Dislike Stamps, $12.95

Help your Facebook-addicted friend bring the like/dislike system into his everyday life with these clever self-inking stamps.

11. Makeup Spatulas, $4.99

These little spatulas get to every drop of makeup that comes in the bottle for the makeup guru who wants to get all the bang for her buck.

12. LED Shoe Lights, $4.49

LED Shoe Lights, $4.49

Keep your overachieving nighttime-running friends out of harm’s way with these little lights.

13. Library Card Socks, $12

Library Card Socks, $12

For your favorite reader to wear while they cozy up with their next book.

14. Envelope Opener, $7.99

Envelope Opener, $7.99

No more paper cuts for the friend who still sends and receives snail mail.

15. Ten-foot iPhone Cable, $34.99

Ten-foot iPhone Cable, $34.99

Help your friend who can’t be without his phone charge up from anywhere in the room.

16. Folding Beer Glass, $7.99

Folding Beer Glass, $7.99

A perfectly portable pint glass for the always prepared beer aficionado.

17. Heat-Resistant Trivets, $12.99

Heat-Resistant Trivets, $12.99

Get these cute little heat-resistant trivets to serve as hot plates for your favorite chef’s home-cooked meals.

18. Fancy Pencils, $7

For the office supply lover who can’t stop singing Frozen songs, or for the one who needs some positive encouragement on pretty pastel pencils.

19. Grocery List Pad, $6.50

Grocery List Pad, $6.50

For the forgetful friend who can never remember what is needed at the grocery store, or the perpetually hungry friend who is always out of their favorite foods.

20. Animal Butt Magnets, $13

Animal Butt Magnets, $13

For anyone with a fridge, or just a general love of animal tushies.

21. Handbag Hanger, $14.99

Handbag Hanger, $14.99

For the friend who carries around everything but the kitchen sink and is constantly looking for a resting place for their luggage… erm, purse.

22. Egg Yolk Separator, $4.99

Egg Yolk Separater, $4.99

A quirky little tool for egg lovers everywhere.

23. Dog Mini Flashlight, $8

Dog Mini Flashlight, $8

For a pet parent who has to take their pooch out late at night, or a dog lover who is afraid of the dark.

24. Bookmark, $5

Bookmark, $5
High Fashion Home / Via highfashionhome.com

This bookmark marks the exact line your bookworm friend stopped reading at.

25. Cute Notepad, $10

Cute Notepad, $10

For the friend who still charmingly uses a pen and paper to jot down brilliant ideas, to-do lists, and notes.

26. Harry Potter Keychain, $10

Harry Potter Keychain, $10

For a Harry Potter lover, or just the friend who needs to resort to magic if they ever want to figure out where they put their keys.

27. Tea Bag Holding Mug, $20

Tea Bag Holding Mug, $20

For the tea lover who can’t stand when the paper end of the tea bag falls into the tea!

28. Cookie Holder Mug, $18

Cookie Holder Mug, $18

Try not to keep this one for yourself!

29. Simple Studs, $12

Simple Studs, $12

A dainty little gift for anyone with holes through their ears, or for whom you have no idea what else to get.

30. Tiny Tabasco, $4.99

Tiny Tabasco, $4.99

For the friend who can never have enough spice.

31. Or Sriracha 2 Go, $7

Or Sriracha 2 Go, $7
Via http://sriracha2go.com

For a clip-on option for the aforementioned friend.

32. Grown-Up Coloring Book, $7.95

Because coloring on the reg is missing from adult life.

33. Sushi Stapler, $7

Sushi Stapler, $7

A delicious alternative for your sushi-loving friend’s desk.

34. Citrus Spritzer, $9.99

Citrus Spritzer, $9.99

A great little gift for the one who adds citrus juice to everything. Shove it into a lemon and spray!

35. Fancy Candle, $16

Fancy Candle, $16

For the candle-obsessed friend who usually stocks up on Bath & Body Works’ two for $22. Other scents here.

36. Desk Cord Organizer, $4.99

Desk Cord Organizer, $4.99

For the friend who’s tired of their charging cables falling behind the desk at work.

37. Cards Against Humanity, $25

Cards Against Humanity, $25

Stuff this in all of your friends’ stockings by either buying the game, or downloading it for free and printing it for them yourself. Or honestly, just print out the link and shove that in their stocking. ~Friendship~.

38. Cord Wraps, $2.99–$4.99

Cord Wraps, $2.99–$4.99

For the disorganized techie.

39. Cocktail Shaker, $20

Cocktail Shaker, $20

This cocktail shaker is the perfect gift for anyone who constantly hosts parties. It has popular drink recipes printed right on for perfect cocktail execution every time.

40. Pick Punch, $25

Pick Punch, $25

Your friend who serenades you with his guitar will love being able to punch his own picks from now on, with any designs that he wants!

41. Ring Holder, $8

Ring Holder, $8

Help a jewelry lover be more organized in the most adorable way. Other animals available here.

42. Luchador Bottle Opener, $8

Luchador Bottle Opener, $8

Your friends will be opening their bottles with comedic flare this holiday season with the addition of one of these bad boys in their kitchen.

43. What I Love About You Book, $10

What I Love About You Book, $10

Fill out the pages of this sweet little book for someone that you care about.

44. Camera Phone Lens, $99

A high-class stocking stuffer for the serious iPhoneography enthusiast. (Available for Galaxography and Nexusography as well).

45. Skull Emory Boards, $1.50

Skull Emory Boards, $1.50

For that little cousin who only posts on Instagram about nail art.

46. Ring Stylus, $15

Ring Stylus, $15

For a mom who just can’t figure out touch screen, or a design friend who is always using their tablets for doodling, give them a stylus that they can wear!

Source: BuzzFeed

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