45 Pieces of Urban Art Making The World More Beautiful

The city can be a grey place at the best of times. These artists are attempting to add a splash of colour to monotone skylines.

1 | Stained Glass Electrical Towers by Ail Hwang, Hae-Ryaan Jeon and Ghung Ki Park [Münster, Germany]


2Source: Gunter Pilger

Yarn Bombing


4Source: Dan Machold

Yarn bombing is a type of graffiti that employs colourful yarn rather than paint.

Books used to fill in the cracks an old library [Russia]


Buildings painted to look like faces by Nikita Nomerz [Russia]


7Source: Nomerz

Globe Park by Francois Abelanet [Paris, France]

8This park in Paris may look like a 3D Globe, but it’s actually flat.


Beautified Storm Drains by Anderson Augusto and Leonardo Delafuente [Brazil]



12Source: Anderson Augusto

Tanbo Rice Paddy Art [Japan]


14By growing different types of rice, some farmers transform their flooded fields into works of art.

Canopy Of Umbrellas by Sextafeira Produções [Portugal]

15Source: Cristina Ferreira

16Source: Cristina FerreiraSource: Patricia Almeida

“Red, Yellow and Blue” by Orly Genger [USA]



19This colorful, zigzagging wall is made of 1.4 million-square-feet of naval rope, dyed with 3,000 gallons of paint.

Phone Booth Aquarium by Kingyobu [Japan]

20Source: facebook.com/kingyobu

“Harmonic Convergence” by Christopher Janney [USA]

21This piece of art is a 72-foot-long glass window wall fitted with stained glass of over 150 colors.

Origami Art by Mademoiselle Maurice [Paris, France]


23Mademoiselle Maurice spends days folding and assembling origami into creations that bring colour to urban areas.

“The Healer” Tower Block Art by Bezt and Pener [Poland]


25Two Polish street artists came together to paint this amazing piece on the side of an old, ugly apartment building, transforming it into a work of art.

LEGO used to fill in cracks by Dispatch Work [Arnsberg, Germany]


Dispatch Work

27Source: Dispatch Work

Beautified satellite dishes


Nature in the Concrete Jungle


Beautified electrical boxes by Mona Caron [San Francisco, USA]

30Source: Mona Caron

31Source: Mona Caron

“Painting Reality” by Akiz Ikon [Berlin, Germany]

32Akiz Ikon spilt 500 liters of eco-friendly paint at an intersection in Berlin, this was the result.

Beautifying railings by Zebrating [Germany]

33Source: Zebrating

34Source: Zebrating

35Source: Zebrating

Turning cracked sidewalks into art by Alexey Menschikov [Russia]

36Source: Alexey Menschikov

37Source: Alexey Menschikov

Lego Bridge by Martin Heuwold [Wuppertal, Germany]

38Source: reddit.com

Colorful Petrol Station by Maser Art [Limerick, Ireland]



Stained Glass Phone Booths by Jesse Olwen [South Korea]


Chandelier Street Lamps by Werner Reiterer [Austria]


Beautifying Traffic Bollards

43Source: imgur.com

44Source: imgur.com

45Source: imgur.com

Source: Distractify

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