42 Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas You Should Take in Consideration This Year

Christmas is almost here and, once again, it will be time to start decorating our homes and getting ready to receive Santa. Decorating the Christmas tree is an activity that encourages us to spend time with the family and to forget about all the problems. It’s an opportunity to forgive and forget, an opportunity to be happy and to enjoy the moment. (H/T: Homedit)

01. Relatively small Christmas tree with white, red and blue decorations


But decorating the Christmas tree is also fun and exciting. Every year the tree looks different and it’s always fun to improvise and to come up with new ideas. The decorations might remain the same but the way they are displayed is always different. And since this is such an exciting activity that we’re all been waiting for for a long time, it’s also an opportunity to start gathering ideas in advance and to put them to good use when the time is right. It’s never too early to look for new and fun ideas for decorating your Christmas tree.

02. Cheerful white Christmas tree with large ornaments fun patterns


03. A chic and elegant Christmas tree with golden and red accents


04. A white and red Christmas tree with diverse patterns and shapes


05. Chunky Christmas tree filled with lots of red and gold ornaments


06. Symmetrical and stylish Christmas tree with delicate ornaments and colors


07. Very rich Christmas tree wrapped in lights and shiny ornaments


08. Elegant Christmas tree decorated with only white and gold accents


09. Chic Christmas tree with floral ornaments and colorful decorations


10. Cheerful Christmas tree with bold ornaments featuring various shades of yellow


11. Two unusual and small Christmas tree with golden accents flanking the fireplace


12. Traditional Christmas tree with all-white decorations and sparking lights


13. Tall, casual-looking Christmas tree with colorful small ornaments


14. A rich Christmas tree with white and gold bow decorations and simple ornaments


15. Traditional Christmas tree with subtle with rich ornaments and lights


16. Christmas tree wrapped in white ornaments and decorations, with matching gifts underneath


17. Small Christmas tree raised in a planter, decorated with bold ornaments


18. Bulky Christmas tree featuring cute and cheerful toy decorations


19. Sparkling white Christmas tree with lilac-colored ribbon and subtle ornaments


20. A stylish traditional Christmas tree with red and white ornaments


21. Very rich and tall Christmas tree wrapped in oversized ornaments


22. Small but chic Christmas tree with red and gold decorations


23. Beautifully dressed Christmas tree covered in ornaments and lights


24. Very bright Christmas tree with lots and lots of lights and colorful ornaments


25. Modern and chic Christmas tree with white ornaments and golden lights


26. Sumptuous Christmas tree with red and gold ornaments and wrapped in golden bows

27. Simple and stylish Christmas tree with white decorations and tiny lights


28. A traditional Christmas tree with sleek white and red ornaments


29. Very bold Christmas tree with columns of white, red and green ornaments


30. Simple Christmas tree featuring white and red accents matching the décor


31. Modern Christmas tree with decorations that match the living room interior


32. Modest but chic Christmas tree with a single string of lights


33. Christmas tree featuring an almost round shape, decorated with golden accents


34. Colorful Christmas tree with pink, blue and yellow ornaments


35. Rich and imposing Christmas tree featuring subtle and elegant decorations


36. Fairy-like Christmas tree with sparking little lights and colorful small ornaments


37. Cheerful Christmas tree with delicious white and red ornaments


38. Untraditional Christmas tree with white accents in a bright dining room


39. Traditional Christmas tree with diverse lights and small decorations


40. Contrasting Christmas tree featuring purple, pink and turquoise accents


41. Chic Christmas tree with white decorations and tiny sparkling lights


42. Traditional Christmas tree with a sparkling star on top and lots of golden accents


We have selected 45 diverse and beautiful Christmas trees with all sorts of decorations and ornaments. We hope that, by offering this list to you all, you will find the inspiration you need to make a unique and amazing Christmas tree to celebrate the holidays. Maybe this year you’d like to try something different and to replace the usual Christmas tree decorations with something a little more fun, personalized and original. There are plenty of ideas to try out and they’re all hidden in these photos. All you have to do is let your imagination guide you and select the details you like best in order to apply them later when you decorate your own Christmas tree.

Picture sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and rest from pinterest and flickr.

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