35 Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

Did you know that there are many genius products out there that will make things easier and more fun?! Take the melon slicer for example; you could have 12 perfect slices is seconds just by using one simple push-down action! Many of the gadgets you see below are must-haves for every home and you can get them right here on Awesome Inventions!

Hand Held Portable Toaster

hand held portable toaster

Outdoor Drink Stakes

outdoor drink stakesFind it here: Outdoor Drink Stakes

Goggles Umbrella

goggles umbrellaFind it here: Goggles Umbrella

Socket and Extension Lead

socket extension lead

Slip-On Pour Spout

slip-on pour spoutFind it here: Slip-On Pour Spout

Portable Egg Cooker

electric boiled egg cooker

Remote Control Key Locator

remote control key locatorFind it here: Remote Control Key Locator

Mug Warming CD Player

cd player mug warmer

Portable Chair and Bag

portable chair and bagFind it here: Portable Chair and Bag

Baby Crib Rocking Chair

baby crib rocking chair

Beer and Shot Glass

beer and shot glassFind it here: Beer and Shot Glass

Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks

sauce dispensing chopsticks

Poolside Rock Climbing Wall

rock climbing pool wall

Chopping Board and Colander

chopping board and colanderFind it here: Chopping Board and Colander

Metal Detector Flip Flops

metal detector flip flops

Phone Holder

phone holderFind it here: Phone Holder

Fork for Oreo Dunking

fork oreo

Utensil Pot Clip

utensil pot clipFind it here: Utensil Pot Clip

Melon Slicer

melon slicerFind it here: Melon Slicer

Salt & Pepper Switch

salt and pepper switchFind it here: Salt & Pepper Switch

Truck Taco Holder

taco truckFind it here: Truck Taco Holder

3 Tier Oven Rack

3 tier oven rackFind it here: 3 Tier Oven Rack

Cakesicle Cookie Pan

cakesicle pop moldFind it here: Cakesicle Cookie Pan

Cupcake Corer

cupcake corerFind it here: Cupcake Corer

Iron Toaster

iron toaster

Corn Stripper

corn stripperFind it here: Corn Stripper

Space Saving Kitchen Outlet

kitchen hidden outlet

Magnetic Hangers


Digital Spoon Scale

digital spoon scaleFind it here: Digital Spoon Scale

Vacuuming Dustbin

vacuuming dustbinFind it here: Vacuuming Dustbin

Food Bag Clip

food bag clipFind it here: Food Bag Clip

Direction Arrows

arrow for door

Attachable Baby Cot

attachable baby cotFind it here: Attachable Baby Cot

Car Fries Holder

car fries holderFind it here: Car Fries Holder

Hanging Shoe Storage

shoe rackSource: Google

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