35+ Amazing Ideas Adding River Rocks To Your Home Design

River rocks are only lying in the river to be washed, and they can also increase the gorgeous colors for your life. That’s true. River rocks are beautiful natural accents and great natural building and decorating materials that can add to your home design ideas regardless indoors,patio or your backyard. With natural colors and round shape, river rocks can make your outdoor designs look spectacular, stylish and exclusive. For the indoor design, for example, adding river rocks to your bathroom can create a spa-like atmosphere. What’s more, river rocks are durable, so they require little or no maintenance. And they are easy to get that you can gather them from a river or creek. Here we’ve collected 36 amazing ideas adding river rocks to your home designs. Enjoy!

1. Kitchen Island:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-1Source: castnaturalstone.com

2. River Rocks Entry Garden:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-2Source: utahstyleanddesign.com

3. Chain downspout and outdoor shower:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-3Source: feldmanarchitecture.com

4. River rock cairn lamp:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-4Source: etsy.com

5. Garden edging with landscaping rocks:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-5Source: its-a-green-life.com

6. Fantastic stone floor mat:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-6Source: tattooedmartha.com

7. River Rocks Showcased Behind a Glass Top Under the Sink:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-7Source: zillow.com

8. A rock strip around the house:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-8Source: mymodremod.com

9. Makeup Brush Storage:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-9Source: homedaybook.blogspot.com

10. River rocks and wooden tiles bathroom flooring:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-10Source above unknown.

11. Beautiful drought landscape:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-11Source: pottedstore.com

12. River Rock Wall:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-12Source: latesthandmade.com

13. River Rock Backsplash:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-13Source: hgtv.com

14. Water feature with river stones:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-14Source: ivandimitrijevic.com

15. DIY river rock hooks:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-15Source above unknown.

16. River rock head board:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-16Source: diynetwork.com

17. Bathroom Mirror Frame decorated with rocks:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-17Source: whitsundaybb.com.au

18. Modern rock flooring idea:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-18Source: freshome.com

19. River rocks pot:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-19Source: theinspiredroom.net

20. DIY river rock table top:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-20Source: webtrentuno.com

21. Top dressing pots with river rock:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-21Source: pottedstore.com

22. Water-Free Backyard:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-22Source: dwell.com

23. Boots tray filled with river rocks:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-23Source: pinterest.com

24. Glass floor with water and rocks underneath:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-24Source: timberhomeliving.com

25. Use river stones to update your flower pots:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-25Source: hobbylobby.com

26. Bathroom eye-catching river rocks wall:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-26Source: houzz.com

27. Backyard Pathway:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-27Source: homedit.com

28. Base floor lamp:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-28Tutorial: ashbeedesign.com

29. Backyard shower:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-29Source: diynetwork.com

30. Stone fireplace:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-30Source: decoist.com

31. Build a Stone Bath Mat:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-31Source: lifehacker.com

32. Use river rock veneer to dress up concrete column footings:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-32Source: bhg.com

33. Mini balcony decorated with river rocks:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-33Source above unknown.

34. Contemporary Bathroom River Rock Flooring:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-34Source: liveloveinthehome.com

35. DIY Stone Sconces:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-35Tutorial: thenoshery.com

36. Rock + Bowl + Flame:

AD-Add-River-Rocks-To-Home-36Tutorial: b3hd.blogspot.com

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