31 Clever Tech Gifts You Might Want To Keep For Yourself

Get out of that Black Friday line. The best tech gifts are all available online.

01. The Power Grid from Tego, $49


This thing is perfect for travelers. A powerful portable charging device, it can charge two gadgets at once.

02. Nano-Metallic Touch Gloves, $29


Smartphone-friendly gloves are everywhere this season, but these are actually CUTE. Get them here.

03. Automatic, The iPhone-Connected Car Tracking Device, $99.95

The tracking device connects to a car’s OBD-II port and gauges a lot of important driving data, like how often you hit the brakes too hard and how much you’re really spending on gas. It helps consumers save gas, drive safer and understand why their car’s “check engine” light came on. It also remembers where the car is parked and can automatically call for help in a crash, and alert loved ones. Find more information here. Buy it here.

04. The Only iPad Wireless Flash Drive, $119.95


It holds an 8GB SD card (holds up to 32GB) and transmits data to your iPad wirelessly and seamlessly up to 150 feet away. Get it here.

05. The iPhone Dock That Gets Your Device Off the Floor, $19.95

No more fussy cords to mess with. Get it here.

06. Kopi Kbar: a Power Strip with USB Ports, $60


It’s an energy-efficient aluminum power strip that adds dual 2.1A USB charging ports in addition to its 3 standard AC outlets. It’s very sleek and pretty, too. Get ithere.

07. Get the cheaper, stocking-stuffer version for only $8.

AD-Clever-Tech-Gifts-You-Might-Want-To-Keep-For-Yourself-07Get it here.

08. Mophie’s Back-Up Charger Keychain, $26


The fact that it’s on a keychain makes it highly practical. Get it here.

09. Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker, $40


Available here.

10. Laptop Organizer, $39

This is a super practical gift for a teacher, a student, or just someone who needs to get organized in 2014. It has SO many pockets. Buy it here.

11. iPad Pocket Projector, $250


Get it here.

12. Surge Protector + USB adapter in One, $9.95


At this low price-point, you could afford to give these as super practical stocking stuffers. Great gadget for travelers. Get ‘em here.

13. Infrared Remote Accessory Turns Your iPhone into a Universal Remote, $48

Get it from Amazon.

14. Lighted Cord Organizer, $20


This thing keeps cords organized on a desk or nightstand and it looks way more expensive than what you paid for it. Get it here.

15. Magnetic Refrigerator iPad Mount, $55


Sleek and space-saving. Available here. For the UK, buy it here.

16. The Pocket Prong iPhone Case, $70


Get this for the person who is constantly borrowing your charger.

17. The U-Board Monitor Stand, $45


The perfect present for someone who works from home. Get it here.

18. The Pop Desk Phone, $50


Turn any smartphone into a desk phone with ease. It’s practically like having a landline. Get it here.

19. Bluetooth Calculator Add-On, $34


A great gift for someone who’s about to embark unto a life of online budgeting. Get it here.

20. The Grid-It iPad Case Organizer, $29.99

Everything in its place. Get it here. It also comes in a bunch of other variations.

21. Zooka Wireless Speaker Bar for iPad/Bluetooth, $57


It comes in lots of fun colors and has a durable silicone exterior so it’s great for traveling. Get it here.

22. The Pebble Customizable Watch, $149


You can connect to the internet and download different watchfaces. There are also a number of apps that have been created for it, and it can connect to your iPhone or Android phone to, for instance, alert you with a silent vibration to incoming calls, emails and messages. Get it here.

23. Bedphones, $19.95


They’re comfy headphones designed for use when falling asleep. Get them here.

24. Garmin Dashboard Mounted Windshield Projector, $148


It also works with your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone so you can project ANYTHING.

25. TaskOne iPhone Multi Tool Case, $99.95


Get it here.

26. Silicone Water Bottle with iPhone Storage, $21


Perfect for any gym bunny. Get it here.

27. Kogeto Dot Panoramic Attachment, $49


Take immersive panoramic photos and video with this nifty little add on. Read more about it here.

28. The PlugBug, $37

The plugbug simultaneously charges your laptop as well as your USB device (like an iPhone or iPad). It also contains attachments for world travel, making it the only charger you’ll need. Get it here.

29. The Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard, $99


So. Cool. Get it here.

30. The Window Solar Charger, 50 €


Get it here.


It also comes in a wallet format, available here for $50. A must have for campers and travelers.

31. Dual USB Car Charger, $25


No more fighting in the car. Get it here.

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