30+ Unusual And Creative Aquariums

Is your life full of stress and worry? Do you have high blood pressure or insomnia? Getting an aquarium may be a great way to relax!

Many studies have shown that watching fish going about their daily business can reduce your stress levels, lower your blood pressure and make you feel more relaxed. Besides all the health benefits, aquarium can be a beautiful addition to your home that attracts a lot of attention. To get you even more excited, we want to show you 25+ unusual and creative aquarium designs.

However, note that it’s highly recommended to build the aquarium around the chosen fish species and not the other way around.

1. Just A Casual Aquarium Headboard

AD-Amazing-Aquariums-3Via If Its Hip Its Here

2. Balancing Fishbowl

Just looking at this fish tank makes me uncomfortable, however it “is resting on its counter-balanced weight” so there’s probably nothing to worry about. Made from premium glass, handblown and slumped by a master glassblower each tank has it’s own unique form and individual characteristics. Available for £295. (Designer: Psalt Design)

3. One Pot, Two Lives

“A planter and a fish tank joined together.” (Designers: Sheng-Zhe Feng and Ling-Yuan Chou)

4. Turn A Bird Cage Into An Aquarium.

AD-Amazing-Aquariums-4Via Pop Sugar

5. The Air Aquarium

“The Air 1 Aquarium is a glass, zeppelin-shaped aquarium supported by a steel frame with simplistic design and combination of simple elements that are part of everything yet autonomous according to the French designer Amaury Poudray, a part of the brand new design studio “Matiere A”.” (Designer: Amaury Poudray)

6. iPond

The iPond is an iPod accessory the combines a speaker with a tiny aquarium. A single fish lives in about 650 milliliters of water. RSPCA spokesman Hugh Wirth said despite the fighting fish’s ability to breathe air from the surface, the tank was far too small for it to receive adequate oxygen. (link)

7. Aquarium Sink

“This highly entertaining accessory allows you to enjoy an aquarium or zen garden within your restroom. The top glass rises in case you need to rearrange the decor and both sides offer a large, circular entry for fish feeding.” (buy)

8. Mason Jar Fish Tank & Vase Shelf

“The jars unscrew from the bottom of the shelf, making it easy to fill or clean the jars. The holes into the mason jar are large enough to provide enough oxygen for a beta to survive with a flower or plant coming through the shelf. It is the perfect way to show off pretty flowers while grabbing the attention of your guests at the same time!” (Designer: Christy)

9. Fishscape Fishbowl

“A reinterpreted design of the classic fishbowl, evoking the feel of a mountain range.” (Designer: Aruliden)

10. Telephone Booth Aquarium

Benoit Deseille and Benedetto Bufalino have transformed a regular telephone booth into a functioning aquarium for the Lyon Light Festival in France. (Designers: Benoit Deseille & Benedetto Bufalino)

11. Fish Tank Coffee Table

“This fish tank coffee table is a crowd pleasure. Its base is a fully functional aquarium, and due to the beleveled glass, nothing you place on the table will disturb the fish. There is a two inch opening on the surface where feeding occurs and the entire glass top is easily lifted when it is time to add fish or redecorate.” (buy)

12. Pipeline Fish Tank

“This is a guy who is truly fan of fishes and aquariums. He made this awesome pipeline fish tank which is all over this caffe. You cat take a seat, relax and watch fishes how swims in those pipes. It is very unusual but you must give him a mark for creativity. Fishes can move from one aquarium to another because of those pipelines which connects them.” (link)

13. Aquarium Office Table

“If you do not have enough room in your new office to put an aquarium, just integrate an Aquarium in the table.” (link)

14. Portable Fishbowl

“Fishbowl with a handle, which allows you to walk your fish outdoors.” (Designer:michal shabtiali)

15. Old TV Aquarium

“Ever wondered what to do with that ancient 26″ wooden TV set laying around in yours or your grandparent’s garage?” (link)

16. Aquarium Sofa

“This sofa features aquariums on both its sides. So all those who love keeping fishes in your home, then this is a must have for you. Its priced at just USD 12,000…not bad!” (link)

17. Fish Bowls

“This project presents fifteen different pieces that explore variations of the iconic image of a fishbowl. Each piece examines a topic or suggests a solution to a different issue, as human qualities are being attributed to a fish.” (Designer: Roger Arquer)

18. In Floor Fish Tank-Perfect For Richie Rich

AD-Amazing-Aquariums-6via Pic Cry

19. These Hanging Aquariums Are Amazing! Especially If You’re Daddy Warbucks

AD-Amazing-Aquariums-15Via Decoholic

20. Take A Relaxing Bath With Your Fishy Friends

AD-Amazing-Aquariums-14Via Decoholic

21. Upcycle An Old Piano Into A Fish Tank

AD-Amazing-Aquariums-12Via Pamela N Red

22. This Bowl Houses A Beta Fish & Bamboo

AD-Amazing-Aquariums-11Via Pamela N Red

23. This Fish Tank That’s Also A Clock & A Pen Holder??

AD-Amazing-Aquariums-8Via eBay

24. Gumball Machine Fish Tank

AD-Amazing-Aquariums-7Via Instructables

25. Labyrinth Aquarium

“This very innovative and rare aquarium is offered in three colors. The tables are produced in cherry, black or carbon fiber and they conceal the rare filtration and lighting components. Fish swim freely throughout the entire aquarium. Designed for tropical freshwater fish.” (buy)

26. Hanging Fish Tank

“These unusual fish tanks display your pet in a very creative manner. An LED light, which illuminates in moon white, is built into the top (does not shine on fish). The feeding holes are on top of the fish tanks.” (buy)

27. Infinity Aquarium

“The repetitive geometrical shape of Infinity aquarium creates a visual metaphor to life in the fish bowl.” (Designer: bcxsy)

28. Desktop Jellyfish Tank

“Desktop Jellyfish Tank is the first affordable aquarium designed specifically for jellyfish and it’s as easy to maintain as a regular fish tank.” (Designer: Alex)

29. Poor Little Fish

“Poor Little Fish is an unusual approach to saving water. When using this basin, users are prompted into thinking about consumption when the water level in the fishbowl goes down (but does not actually drain out). There are two separate pipelines, so the water level will go back to where it was once the water stops running. As well, the water from the tap is pure, as its pipeline does not connect to the bowl.” (Designer:Yan Lu)

30. World Trip Aquarium

“World Trip is a glass goldfish basin which has shape of the world map. you can enjoy world wide trip and adventure with goldfishes.” (Designer: Takuro Yamamoto)

31. Duplex Aquarium / Bird Cage

“Duplex is an aquarium/cage favouring an improbable encounter between a bird and a fish. The aquarium is thermoformed so as to create a space where the bird can fly at the same visual level as the fish.” (Designer: Constance Guisset)

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