30 Most Beautiful and Breathtaking Places on Our Planet

There are plenty of beautiful and unbelievable places in our wonderful planet. To prove it, we want to show you these 30 most amazing places that your eyes may hard to believe the existence of the breathtaking places listed here. But they really exist. Continue for more pictures.

1 | The Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

amazing-places-on-earth-1Image Credit

2 | Antelope Canyon, USA

amazing-places-on-earth-2Image Credit

3 | In Appenzellerland, Switzerland

amazing-places-on-earth-3Image Credit

4 | Mount Roraima, Venezuela

amazing-places-on-earth-4Image Credit

5 | Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

amazing-places-on-earth-5Image Credit

6 | Santorini, Greece

amazing-places-on-earth-6Image Credit

7 | Bora Bora Island

amazing-places-on-earth-7Image source

8 | Hordaland, Norway

amazing-places-on-earth-8Image source

9 | Berlenga Island, Portugal

amazing-places-on-earth-9Image source

10 | Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

amazing-places-on-earth-10Image source

11 | Naica Mine, Mexico

amazing-places-on-earth-11Image source

12 | Zhangjiajie, China

amazing-places-on-earth-12Image source

13 | Canola Flower Fields, China

amazing-places-on-earth-13Image source

14 | Dubrovnik, Croatia

amazing-places-on-earth-14Image source

15 | Preikestolen, Norway

amazing-places-on-earth-15Image source

16 | Najac in the Midi-Pyrénées region, France

amazing-places-on-earth-16Image source

17 | Petra, Jordan

amazing-places-on-earth-17Image source

18 | Derweze, Turkmenistan

amazing-places-on-earth-18Image source

19 | Meteora, Greece

amazing-places-on-earth-19Image source

20 | Sorrento, Southern Italy

amazing-places-on-earth-20Image source

21 | Etretat, Northern France

amazing-places-on-earth-21Image source

22 | Machu Picchu, Peru

amazing-places-on-earth-22Image source

23 | Portofino, Italy

amazing-places-on-earth-23Image source

24 | Wimberly, Texas

amazing-places-on-earth-24Image source

25 | Alberta, Canada

amazing-places-on-earth-25Image source

26 | Chang Jiang river, Hubei , China



27 | Sea Side Deck, Hawaii

amazing-places-on-earth-27Source: Google

28 | Gorgeous View – Santorini, Greece


29 | Lauterbrunnental, Switzerland


Image source

30 | Chittorgarh, India

amazing-places-on-earth-30Image source

Photos by: Architecture & Design via Google

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