30+ Insanely Cool Ideas to Upgrade Your Patio This Summer

Patio is also an important component part of your summer life. Just think how cool and cosy it is that play with your families or entertain guests in a beautiful patio with flowers and trees! So it’s time to upgrade your patio. It’s not difficult. You can plant some flowers with different colors that makes your patio colorful. Pallet day bed
or DIY table with built-in brink coolers is also a good idea. Of course, if you have more budget, you can add more decorations to your patio.
Summer is finally here! Throw a unique summer on your patio, but don’t let your trivially locate there. Here we come up 31 wonderful patio upgrade ideas for you. Have fun!

1. Use paint to brighten up any furniture:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-1Image via: bhg.com

2. Design a Checkered Patio:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-2Image via: apartmenttherapy.com

3. A patio of squares and rounds:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-3Image via: sunset.com

4. Hang curtains to create an ambient seating area:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-4Image via: apartmenttherapy.com

5. Pallet Day Bed:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-5Image via: lovelygreens.com

6. Turn old doors to patio trellis:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-6Image via: empressofdirt.net

7. A Patio with a Wooden Cubicle:


8. Wine Bottle Lighting:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-8Image via: tumblr.com

9. Add a bubbling water fountain:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-9Image via: landscapingnetwork.com

10. A Cozy Pallet Patio:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-10Image via: goodshomedesign.com

11. Dining area around by river rocks:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-11Image via: centro-jardineria.es

12. Hanging plants on the wooden awning:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-12Image via: twelveoaksmanor.com

13. DIY Patio Table with Built-In Drink Coolers:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-13Tutorial: remodelaholic.com

14. Add A Beautiful Patio String lighting:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-14Image via: optimumgarden.com

15. Mason Jar Lanterns:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-15Tutorial: orchardgirls.blogspot.ca

16. Build a sunken seating area:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-16Image via: styleestate.com

17. DIY corner bench around the firepit:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-17Image via: houzz.com

18. Terrace and planters made from pallets:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-18Image via: 1001pallets.com

19. Tiny Folding Furniture:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-19Image via: indizajn.rtl.hr

20. Build an Outdoor Kitchen:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-20Image via: thisoldhouse.com

21. Fill with Flowers:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-21Image via: allprettylittlethings.blogspot.com

22. Wine barrel side table:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-22Image via: upcyclethat.com

23. Make a pallet bar:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-23Tutorial: stackeddesign.blogspot.fr

24. A Pergola, Lights And DIY Cement Planters:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-24Image via: homedepot.com

25. An outdoor “area rug” of stained concrete pavers:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-25Image via: sunset.com

26. How to build a hammock stand:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-26Tutorial: theindecisivelife.blogspot.com

27. DIY Fire Pit & Patio:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-27Tutorial: imgur.com

28. Faux Grass Patio:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-28Image via: hgtv.com

29. Colorful stone and accent cushions:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-29Image via: hgtv.com

30. Chessboard Patio:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-30Image via: diynetwork.com

31.Pallet Terrace:

AD-Patio-Upgrade-Summer-31Image via: recyclart.org

Source: WooHome

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