30 Incredible Views You’d See If You Were A Bird

30 Incredible Views you’d see if you were a bird.. or from a airplane, Heli, Airglider etc.. but hey it just sounds cooler..

01. Barcelona

1Image credits: Aldas Kirvaitis

02. Central Park, New York City

2Image credits: Sergey Semenov

03. Dubai Islands

3Image credits: unknown

04. Maze at Longleat, England

4Image credits: archive.4plebs.org

05. Mexico City

5Image credits: Pablo Lopez Luz

06. Venice

6Image credits: Yann Arthus Bertrand

07. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

7Image credits: Cris Toala Olicares

08. Niagara Falls, Canada

8Image credits: thezooom.com

09. Namib Desert, Namibia

9Image credits: SysaWorld Roberto Moiola

10. Chicago Skyline, U.S.A

10Image credits:  Robert Elves

11. Tulip Fields, The Netherlands

11Image credits: Normann Szkop

12. Bern, Switzerland

12Image credits: imgur.com

13. Dubrovnik, Croatia

13Image credits: Michaelphillipr

14. Paris, France    

14Image credits: imgur.com

15. Meskendir Valley, Turkey

15Image credits: Beng Lieu Song

16. Shanghai, China

16Image credits: Mike Hedge

17. Capetown, South Africa

17Image credits: imgur.com

18. Moscow, Russia

18Image credits: imgur.com

19. Athens, Greece

19Image credits: imgur.com

20. Vancouver, Canada

20Image credits: Evan Leeson

21. Male, Maldives

21Image credits:  Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeg

22. Seattle, U.S.A

22Image credits: thatcherphotography.com

23. Giza Pyramids, Egypt

23Image credits: satimagingcorp.com

24. Bac Son Valley, Vietnam

24Image credits: Hai Thinh

25. Marina Bay, Dubai

25Image credits: airpano.com

26. Rio de Janeiro

26Image credits: Antonello

27. Terraced Rice Fields, China

27Image credits: Thierry Bornier

28. Vatican City

28Image credits: Randy P

29. Lake in Pomerania, Poland

29Image credits: Kacper Kowalski

30. San Francisco, U.S.A

30Image Credits: Flickr csaulit

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