30 Cool and Easy DIY Easter Crafts to Brighten Any Home

Easter is coming and with it comes visions of warmer weather, spring colors and loads of beautiful holiday decorating ideas and cute craft ideas. If you love adding a little handmade touch to your home this Easter, these 30 easy and fun DIY craft ideas are sure to be a hit with you. From buntings to signs and even baskets and eggs, there’s many great way to get your Easter craft on. Take a look them. All you need is the desire, time and a little more patience.

1. Easter Bunny Bottle:

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-1Tutorial: happyclippings.com

2. Paper straw Easter egg:

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-2Tutorial: keepingitsimplecrafts.com

3. Easter basket from balloon, glue and string/ribbon:

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-3Tutorial: hmhdesigns.wordpress.com

4. Gilded Cement Easter Eggs:

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-4Tutorial: camillestyles.com

5. DIY box candy Easter basket:

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-5Tutorial: thekrazycouponlady.com

6. Turn little feet into carrots:

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-6Tutorial: onekriegerchick.com

7. Easter Egg Wreath:

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-7Tutorial: wineandglue.com

8. Rainbow Water Centerpiece:

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-8Tutorial: paperyandcakery.com

9. Easter Bunny Napkin:

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-9Tutorial: wikihow.com

10. Easter Eggshell Planters:

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-10Tutorial: craftpassion.com

11. Easter Tulip Display Arrangement:

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-11Tutorial: craft-o-maniac.com

12. Bunny Wreath:

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-12Tutorial: bubblynaturecreations.com

13. DIY Paper Roll Bunny:

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-13Tutorial: ecoscrapbook.blogspot.com.br

14. Hanging Easter Posies:

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-14Tutorial: gardenista.com

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-15Source: stayingclosetohome.com

16. Plastic Cup Easter Basket:

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-16Tutorial: icreativeideas.com

17. Bunny banner:

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-17Source: simplysprouteducate.com

18. Awesome Easter Wreath to Spruce Up Your Porch:

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-18Source: familyholiday.net

19. Easter Bunny Home Project:

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-19Source: artesanatorevistasmoldesdicas.blogspot.ro

20. Easter Bunny Door:

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-20Source: eastcoastmommyblog.blogspot.ca

21. Easter burlap bunnies:

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-21Tutorial: urbanhoot.blogspot.com

22. DIY Easter Centerpieces:

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-22Source: norskeinteriorblogger.blogspot.com

23. Stenciled Burlap Bunny Plaques:

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-23Tutorial: viewfromthefridge.com

24. Easter Brunch Decor:

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-24Source: pinterest.com

25. Cutest edible little bunnies:


26. DIY Easter egg & vase decor:

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-26Tutorial: pinktexaschick.blogspot.com

27. Bunny Crossing Sign:

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-27Source: pinterest.com

28. Hot glue jelly beans to tree branches for an adorable Easter Tree:

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-28Source: craftysisters-nc.blogspot.com


30. Easter Brunch & Egg Hunt:

easter-decoration-crafts-woohome-30Source: catchmyparty.com

Source: WooHome

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