25+ Set of Extraordinary Knives

Whether you are a professional-level home chef or just someone who likes to mess around in the kitchen, a proper knife is absolutely essential. In this post we will show you knives that are not just amazing for slicing, dicing, and julienne-ing but that look incredible while doing it. A great knife is the best way prepare food quickly and safely and its well worth the investment.

01. Buy It: Amazon, $638


These nesting knives with hollow centers make storage easy while also offering sharp edges and comfortable handling.

02. Buy It: Amazon, $78 (for one)


These sleek black knives from France’s TB Groupe have laser-sculpted handles and extra sharp stainless steel blades. And they need sharpening only once every 25 years.

03. Buy It: Amazon, $124 (for one)


These chroma knives from F.A. Porsche are made from pure 301 steel. The single piece design makes for extra easy handling.

04. Designer: Henri Mazelier


You’ll never ruin your cheese with these slick knives from designer Henri Mazelier.

05. Buy It: Amazon, $119


Bring a pop of color to your meal prep with this 8-piece set from Kai.

06. Buy It: Amazon


There is nothing wrong with a little whimsy in the kitchen and this knife set definitely does the trick.

07. Buy It: Amazon, $199


Another humorous option – get your chopping done and your frustrations out with “The Ex” Five Piece Knife Set.

08. Buy It: Amazon, $232


A minimalist set of knives that combine clean design with great aesthetics.

09. Buy It: Amazon, $500


This ceramic set keeps an edge and looks supercool doing it.

10. Buy It: Amazon, $78


The grooves in these Japanese steel knives keep food from sticking to them when slicing.

11. Source: West Elm


You get substance and whole lot of style with these knives from design-conscious retailer West Elm.

12. Source: Matrix Imports


The balancing act these knives perform proves that they handle well.

13. Buy It: UniqueJapan, $1199


While certainly not the cheapest option, this set of Japanese knives may be among the prettiest.

14. Source: Skandium


Just as much artwork as kitchen accessory, these gorgeous cheese knives are sure to be a hit at any party.

15. Designer: Eric Berthes


This perfectly balanced option comes from designer Eric Berthes and it’s a thing of beauty.

16. Designer: Taras Kravtchouk


By popping this knife into a transparent storage block you get to display its beauty even when you’re not using it.

17. Designer: André Marsiglia


This kitchen knife is just a designer’s concept at the moment, but what a beautiful concept it is.

18. Designer: Neil Davidson

18-Beautiful-Knife-ADVia: Artisan

Another concept, this one comes from designer Neil Davidson. The intricate handles here are particularly gorgeous.

19. Designer: Andrea Ponti


These wooden knives are handmade in Japan and the amazing craftsmanship definitely shines through.

20. Designer: The Federal


This design combines the chopping power of steel with the simple and beautiful color of a wood body.

21. Designer: Caroline Noordijk


The idea behind these amazing concept knives is that a great knife should be able to do more than slice and chop.

22. Designer: Mikhail Belyaev


Another multi-purpose knife concept designed for F.O.R., this one lets you safely scoop up whatever you chop.

23. Designer: Johanna Gauderfest


In another scooping option, the round handle might not be ideal for a lot of heavy chopping.

24. Designer: Jeff Pinard


Matching hollow blade knives and forks make up this concept from designer Jeff Pinard.

25. Designer: Mathias Kaeding


The concept behind these Neolithic Knives is that we can cut more efficiently if we take a step back from modern technologies.

26. Designer: Robert Larsson


This minimalist concept from Robert Larsson offers a convex silhouette and contrasting shaft.

27. Designer: Jolanda Fiers


These concept kitchen knives were inspired by the story of the sword in the stone. A safety lock keeps them from falling into the wrong (tiny) hands.

28. Designer: Min Seong KimVia: Yanko Design


Another safety storage concept, these knives can be locked into place. But more than that, the storage block actually sterilizes the knives as well.

29. Designer: Mermelada Studio


These handmade knives from Mermelada Studio were inspired by the shapes and songs of birds.

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