28 Stunning Mosaic Projects for Your Garden

mosaic-garden-project-0 Easy-to-make garden mosaic crafts add color and beauty to the garden. I love DIY garden mosaic projects that are both practical and artistic. Broken plates, tiles, coffee mugs all can create beautiful works of art for the garden.  On this page you will find that creating mosaic stepping stones, garden path, planters, fountains and outdoor furniture for the garden is a simple project with amazing results.

1 | Mosaic Garden Path

mosaic-garden-project-1Source:  flickr.com

2 | Mosaic Mushrooms Make With A Bowl, A Jar or Vase

mosaic-garden-project-2Source: flickr.com

3 | Stepping-Stones Decorated With Mosaics

mosaic-garden-project-3Tutorial: midwestliving.com

4 | Mosaic Board & Half-Teacups Or Half-Coffee Mugs

mosaic-garden-project-4Source:  juliescornerstore.com

5 | Lovely Mosaic Ladybug

mosaic-garden-project-5Source: welke.nl

6 | Concrete Mosaic Bowls

mosaic-garden-project-6Source: flickr.com

7 | Beautiful DIY Mosaic Wall Art

mosaic-garden-project-7Source: mosaicdesignideas.com

8 | Wood Mosaic Stools

mosaic-garden-project-8Source: pinterest.com

9 | DIY Mosaic Flamingo

mosaic-garden-project-9Tutorial: lucydesignsonline.com

10 | Mosaic Birdbath

mosaic-garden-project-10Tutorial: happinessishomemade.net

11 | Lovely Mosaic Path For A Patio

mosaic-garden-project-11Source: pinterest.com

12 | PVC Pipe Planter

mosaic-garden-project-12Tutorial:  szinesotletek.blog.hu

13 | Stone Mosaic Firepit

mosaic-garden-project-13Source: pinterest.com

14 | Cake Pan Stepping Stones

mosaic-garden-project-14Tutorial:  intimateweddings.com

15 | Mosaic Sink Fountain

mosaic-garden-project-15Source:  flickr.com

17 | Old Wheel Into A Mosaic Flower Planter

mosaic-garden-project-16Tutorial:  art-and-science.net

18 | Mosaic Planter

mosaic-garden-project-18Source:  pinterest.com

19 | Mosaic Concrete Blocks

mosaic-garden-project-19Source:  growandresist.com

20 | Mosaic Old Shower Door

mosaic-garden-project-20Source:  forums2.gardenweb.com

21 | DIY Mosaic Table

mosaic-garden-project-21Tutorial:  indigoearth-indigoearth.blogspot.com

22 | DIY Mosaic Bird Bath

mosaic-garden-project-22Source:  flickr.com

23 | Mosaic Garden Chair

mosaic-garden-project-23Tutorial:  waschbear.com

24 | Mosaic Garden Bench


mosaic-garden-project-24-2Source:  flickr.com

25 | Round Step Stone

mosaic-garden-project-25Tutorial:  jeffreygardens.blogspot.com

26 | Mosaic Flower Pots

mosaic-garden-project-26Source:  hiddenhillsgarden.com

27 | Fairy House

mosaic-garden-project-27Tutorial:  mosaicqueen.typepad.com

28 | Mosaic Garden Balls

mosaic-garden-project-28Source:  flickr.com

Photos by: Architecture & Design via Google 

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