25 More 3 Bedroom 3D Floor Plans

Whether you’re moving into a new house, building one, or just want to get inspired about how to arrange the place where you already live, it can be quite helpful to look at 3D floorplans. These images, from top designers and architects, show a variety of ways that the same standards – in this case, three bedrooms – can work in a variety of configurations. A three bedroom house is a great marriage of space and style, leaving room for growing families or entertaining guests. Take a look at these 25 new options for a three bedroom house layout and you’re sure to find out that would work for you.

1 | Visualizer: Jeremy Gamelin

With a wide open outdoor area as well as a cozy dining room, this three bedroom space is ideal for entertaining.


2 | Visualizer: Jeremy Gamelin

Three bedrooms does not always mean three beds. This home turns that third space into a comfortable home office.


3 | Visualizer: Jeremy Gamelin

The shared areas are kept on the opposite side from the bedrooms in this small but organized option3-small-three-bedroom-ideas

4 | Visualizer: Jeremy Gamelin

Sharing a home can be a lot easier when each bedroom has its own assigned bath


5 | Visualizer: Jeremy Gamelin

An L-shaped house allows for plenty of privacy in the bedroom win and tons of space in the living area.


6 | Visualizer: Jeremy Gamelin

Whoever shares this apartment will do well to stagger their showers since there’s just one bathroom.


7 | Visualizer: Jeremy Gamelin

A wraparound balcony ensures lots of outdoor time in this long and lean three bedroom design.


8 | Visualizer: Jeremy Gamelin

Perfectly designed for a small family, this three bedroom house keeps the master bedroom separate from the kid’s room for privacy on both ends.


9 | Visualizer: Jeremy Gamelin

What the third bedroom in this home lacks in space, it makes up for in private balcony access. Keep a watch on any teen who sleeps there…


10 | Visualizer: Jeremy Gamelin

By putting the dining table in the kitchen, this layout opens up more room for the living area.10-mod-3-bedroom

11 | Visualizer: Jeremy Gamelin

In this option, each bedroom has its own corner of the house.11-3-bed-ideas

2 | Visualizer: Jeremy Gamelin

An overhead view lets us see how each bedroom is tucked cozily in one corner of the building while a wide open floorplan takes up the rest of the house.


13 | Source: Vascon

A 3 bedroom home can also be incredibly spacious, as evidenced by this big airy design.


14 | Source: Vascon

An enclosed kitchen may not be the trendiest option, but it works with this layout.


15 | Visualizer: Creative 3D Renderings

This layout actually makes space for a living area as well as a TV room, which can provide nice quiet time when necessary.


16 | Visualizer: Creative 3D Renderings

Adding a couple chairs to a small balcony can make it much more welcoming. This layout also features a servant bedroom.


17  : Rishabh Kushwaha

The bedrooms in this design are especially roomy, as is the kitchen.


18 | Source: Vishram

Lots of closet space makes this design work well for a trio of fashionistas.


19 | Via: House of Property

Something about the shape of this home has a distinctly retro vibe.19-80s-style-3-bedroom

20 | Source: JR Housing

The master bedroom in this home has it’s own balcony, which would be a lovely retreat in a house that doesn’t have a ton of privacy.20-creative-3-bedroom.1

21 | Source: Gokhale

Whether kids must share a room or just have friends over a lot, two twin beds can make easy work of the situation.21-big-3-bedrooms

22 | Source: Gokhale

A wide open kitchen, dining, and living room keeps this layout feeling huge and modern.22-threebeds

23 | Source: Rosedale Associates

Every bedroom in this layout has its own area and a private bath, which is ideal for most people.


24 | Source: Guardian Developers

The common areas in this layout give some space up to the big bedrooms.


25 | Source: KSM International

Finally, this three bedroom space is spacious with plenty of outdoor areas as well.


Source: Home Designing

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