25+ Gorgeous Gardens So Tiny They’ll Fit In The Palm Of Your Hand

Gardening is a great way to relax, improve air quality, and maybe even shrink your food bill. Don’t think you have the space? These teeny, tiny gardens will make you think again.

1. Wine Cork Garden

You’re not drinking too much wine, you’re planting a garden!

2. Birdhouse

Even our feathered friends deserve green roofs.

3. Thimble Garden

There are very few things that fit into a thimble, but lo and behold a thimble garden!

4. Cho-Mini Bonsai

For those who only need a tiny bit of zen.

5. Syrup and Salt Shaker Terrariums

Add some spice to your kitchen area.

6. Teacup Garden

A great way to reuse cracked china.

7. Eggshells

AD-Gorgeous-Tiny-Gardens-7Source: telegraph.co.uk

Egg shells are the original biodegradable seed starter: when the ground’s ready, just pop the entire thing in!

8. Planter Pendants

AD-Gorgeous-Tiny-Gardens-8Source: etsy.com

Wear your love for plants around your neck.

9. Sky Planter

AD-Gorgeous-Tiny-Gardens-9Source: boskke.com

It’s like the Topsy Turvy’s classier cousin.

10. Pocket Watch Gardens

It’s always gardening time somewhere.

11. Fairy Garden

Complete with a path, bench and tiny pool, this shrunken garden is ready for visitors.

12. Wine Glass Garden

These mini succulents are loving life in a wine glass.

13. Sound Garden

AD-Gorgeous-Tiny-Gardens-13Source: inhabitat.com

Made of eco-friendly plastic, each JVC speaker in this conceptual series features a small planter.

14. One-Rock Garden

A rolling stone might not gather moss, but this guy sure does.

15. Altoids Tin

What? Maybe plants want fresh breath too.

16. Animal Planter Succulents

AD-Gorgeous-Tiny-Gardens-16Source: lovemaegan.com

It’s getting to be quite a zoo in here.

17. Moss Garden

AD-Gorgeous-Tiny-Gardens-17Source: etsy.com

Easiest garden EVER.

18. Garden in a Book

Old books enjoy a second life as unique, upcycled planters.

19. Terrarium Fridge Magnet

AD-Gorgeous-Tiny-Gardens-19Source: inhabitat.com

An a-door-able way to add some green to your kitchen appliances.

20. Snail Shells

AD-Gorgeous-Tiny-Gardens-20Source: homedit.com

The snail moved out, and these adorable succulents moved right in.

21. Light Bulb

AD-Gorgeous-Tiny-Gardens-21Source: thehipsterho.me

What a bright idea! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

22. Fingernails

AD-Gorgeous-Tiny-Gardens-22Source: trendhunter.com

OK, this garden isn’t technically alive, but it sure gives new meaning to “well-manicured”!

23. Pothole

A guerrilla gardener in the UK decided to stop complaining about potholes and start making them beautiful.

24. Herb Dresser

AD-Gorgeous-Tiny-Gardens-24Source: sweetpaulmag-digital.com

This upcycled metal organizer is the perfect way to combine greenery and vintage decor.

25. Grow Bottle

This innovative company turns old wine bottles into miniature hydroponic growing systems.

26. Water Glass Garden

AD-Gorgeous-Tiny-Gardens-26Source: marthastewart.com

Fun fact: the fish helps fertilize the plant, and the plant keeps the water clean for the fish!

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