25+ Awesome Beach-Style Outdoor Living Ideas For Your Porch & Yard

Are you always missing the beach scenery enjoyed when you were on vacation last year or before? So why not build a beach-style outdoor living space in your porch and yard that will make you always feel like on vacation at the seaside? This is a great and exacting idea. You can bring your beach finds to your home’s outdoor. For example, such items as the buoys, blue porch floors, a sculptural piece of driftwood, and seashells all can be used to create nautical themed décor.

Want more creative ideas? Come to us and enjoy the outdoors!

01. Fun focal point with a painted driftwood sign:


If you need inspiration for the best surf hotspots head out to globosurfer.com and check out their Surf section.

Source: simplyorcas.com

02. Shell Bowls and Shell Vases:

AD-Beach-Style-Outdoor-Living-Ideas-02Source: aquietlifeblog.blogspot.com

03. Oar turned house number sign:

AD-Beach-Style-Outdoor-Living-Ideas-03Source: thehappyhousie.com

04. Create an Island Paradise with Beach Sand:

AD-Beach-Style-Outdoor-Living-Ideas-04Source: completely-coastal.com

05. Porch surf-board ceiling lighting:

AD-Beach-Style-Outdoor-Living-Ideas-05Source: bhg.com

06. Beach in backyard:

AD-Beach-Style-Outdoor-Living-Ideas-06Source above unknown.

07. Fabulous Octopus Silvered Candelabra:

AD-Beach-Style-Outdoor-Living-Ideas-07Source: caronsbeachhouse.com

08. Outdoor garden with a sea and succulent theme:

AD-Beach-Style-Outdoor-Living-Ideas-08Source: completely-coastal.com

09. Upcycled Boat Seats:

AD-Beach-Style-Outdoor-Living-Ideas-09Source: williamlloyd.co.uk

10. Surf-board outdoor shower:

AD-Beach-Style-Outdoor-Living-Ideas-10Source: houzz.com

11. A DIY Ceramic Planter Beach Inspired Table:

AD-Beach-Style-Outdoor-Living-Ideas-11Tutorial: sandandsisal.com

12. Seaside mural on a backyard wall:

AD-Beach-Style-Outdoor-Living-Ideas-12Source: hometalk.com

13. Beautiful beachy lanterns:


AD-Beach-Style-Outdoor-Living-Ideas-13-1Source: creatingwonderfulspaces.blogspot.com

14. Use oars to decorate your exterior walls:

AD-Beach-Style-Outdoor-Living-Ideas-14Source: nauticalcottageblog.com

15. Blue Painted Cottage Porch:

AD-Beach-Style-Outdoor-Living-Ideas-15Source: completely-coastal.com

16. Make a rope-wrapped pots:

AD-Beach-Style-Outdoor-Living-Ideas-16Tutorial: housebyhoff.com

17. DIY An Outdoor Shower Made of Surfboards:

AD-Beach-Style-Outdoor-Living-Ideas-17Source: re-nest.com

18. Clay Pot Lighthouse:

AD-Beach-Style-Outdoor-Living-Ideas-18Source: ehow.com

19. Decorate your fence with buoys:

AD-Beach-Style-Outdoor-Living-Ideas-19Source: janecoslick.blogspot.com

20. DIY Nautical Spool Side Table:

AD-Beach-Style-Outdoor-Living-Ideas-20Tutorial: simplestylings.com

21. Pottery Barn inspired Shell Wreath:

AD-Beach-Style-Outdoor-Living-Ideas-21Source: wohnidee.wunderweib.de

22. Ship Wheel Gate:

AD-Beach-Style-Outdoor-Living-Ideas-22Source: tanglycottage.wordpress.com

23. Oversize shells candle tray:

AD-Beach-Style-Outdoor-Living-Ideas-23Source: marthastewart.com

24. Sailing shower:

AD-Beach-Style-Outdoor-Living-Ideas-24Source: lakbermagazin.hu

25. Pallet Swing Chair:

AD-Beach-Style-Outdoor-Living-Ideas-25Source: manditremayne.blogspot.com

26. Backyard beach style bar:

AD-Beach-Style-Outdoor-Living-Ideas-26Source: pinterest.com

27. Seashell step stones:

AD-Beach-Style-Outdoor-Living-Ideas-27Source: alphamom.com

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