24 Hot Tubs That Could Only Be More Amazing If They Were Time Machines

Feast your eyes on these glorious hot tubs, located at some of the most beautiful spas and resorts around the world. Then start packing.

Cortina d Ampezzo Resort – Italy

This barrel-like hot tub is perched at 7,400 feet on a snowy plateau with views of Italy’s famous 5 Towers.

Katikies Hotel – Santorini, Greece

This stunning tub lives in a cave cut into the volcanic rock of the Caldera cliffs. The view of the Aegean Sea ain’t to shabby either.

Hot Tugs – Rotterdam, Netherlands

AD-Hot-Tubs-That-Could-Only-Be-More-Amazing-3Source: Hot Tug

Do not adjust your screen: that is most definitely a wood-fired hot tub floating down a river. Leave it to the Dutch…

Mystic Hot Springs – Monroe, Utah

The mineral-rich water at Mystic Hot Springs comes out of the ground at 168 degrees. Thankfully it cools while traveling down a natural channel and falling into one of 8 bathtubs and 2 concrete pools.

The Homestead Crater – Wasatch County, Utah

Sixty-four feet below the Earth’s surface, this 96-degree underground pool in Utah is deep enough for soaking, swimming, or scuba diving.

Ski Portillo Resort – Chile

Although Portillo is incredibly isolated, you’d never know it. After a day on the slopes, soak your bones in the hot tub, which is movie theater and bar adjacent, while gazing on the Andes in all their glory.

The Blue Lagoon – Reykjavik, Iceland

AD-Hot-Tubs-That-Could-Only-Be-More-Amazing-7Source: benhusmann

Iceland sees your hot tub, and raises you a hot LAGOON. Surrounded by ice yet heated by volcanoes, this is one soak spot you won’t soon forget.

St. Regis Lhasa Spa – Tibet

The “Golden Energy Pool” is lined with thousands of tiles plated in gold, and filled with therapeutic salt water constantly heated to 82-86 degrees F.

Igloo Village – Zermatt, Switzerland

AD-Hot-Tubs-That-Could-Only-Be-More-Amazing-9Source: iglu-dorf.com

Who wouldn’t want to warm up in a jacuzzi set directly into the snow covered landscape before catching some Zzzzs in their own private igloo?

Pamukkale – Denizli Provence, Turkey

AD-Hot-Tubs-That-Could-Only-Be-More-Amazing-10Source: chrisobayda

Source: rafaela_ely

The name of this incredible destination translates to “cotton castle” in Turkish and it’s not hard to see why: Cut into terraces of sparkling white limestone, these tiered natural hot springs draw tourists from all over the world.

Aquadome Spa – Längenfeld, Austria

AD-Hot-Tubs-That-Could-Only-Be-More-Amazing-11Source: Tirol Therme

Levitating bowls filled with thermal water from underground hot springs? Sign me up.

Salar de Uyuni – Agua Brava, Bolivia

AD-Hot-Tubs-That-Could-Only-Be-More-Amazing-12Source: anthony letmon

This hot tub delivers spectacular view of what remains of Lago Minchín, a prehistoric salt lake which once covered most of southwest Bolivia.

Liquidrom – Berlin, Germany

AD-Hot-Tubs-That-Could-Only-Be-More-Amazing-13Source: Liquidrom

Hot tubbing as only the Germans could do it: warm salt water pools under dark domes that pulse with colored lights and music.

Grotto Spa – British Columbia, Canada

AD-Hot-Tubs-That-Could-Only-Be-More-Amazing-14Source: Grotto Spa

This 2,500 square foot hot tub was designed to emulate a natural stone grotto, and the warm water is infused with natural minerals and trace elements

Aviary Cottage – Twin Farms, VT

AD-Hot-Tubs-That-Could-Only-Be-More-Amazing-15Source: twinfarms.com

Usually, getting out of the hot tub sucks because the air is much colder. That’s why this picturesque cottage features a stone fireplace right next to the tub.

Sunlight Mountain Resort – Glenwood Springs, Colorado

AD-Hot-Tubs-That-Could-Only-Be-More-Amazing-16Source: sunlightmtn.com

This is the world’s largest outdoor mineral hot springs pool. With mountain views, water slides, and a diving board — it’s like a summer vacation in the middle of snowy Colorado.

Selman Marrakech Spa – Morocco

AD-Hot-Tubs-That-Could-Only-Be-More-Amazing-17Source: selman-marrakech.com

A hot tub that’s straight out of Arabian Nights. And will make you feel like you’ve become part of the story.

Hot Water Beach – Waikato, New Zealand

At low tide naturally heated thermal water bubbles to the surface of this beach. A shovel is all you need to dig your very own hot tub wherever you like.

Amangiri Spa – Utah

AD-Hot-Tubs-That-Could-Only-Be-More-Amazing-19Source: amanresorts.com

The hot tubs and pools of this luxurious resort are hidden in a protected valley with sweeping views towards the Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument.

Assawan Spa – Dubai

AD-Hot-Tubs-That-Could-Only-Be-More-Amazing-20Source: jumeirah.com

Like most things in Dubai, this spa’s hot tubs are fancier–and on a higher floor–than the rest of the world.

Thermae Bath Spa – England

This rooftop hot tub offers views of the City of Bath and surrounding hills while you melt into the naturally warm, mineral-rich waters enhanced by air seats and bubbling jets.

Grovepark Spa – Asheville, North Carolina

The worries of the world will float away when you soak in this subterranean spa with cavernous rock walls, arches and tunnels.

Spa Bad Aibling – Germany

This unique spa features several dome-covered tubs and activity zones. Each has a different theme, music and water temperature.

Green T. House – Beijing, China

AD-Hot-Tubs-That-Could-Only-Be-More-Amazing-24Source: hk-magazine.com

Serenity–the unique tubs and pools of this Beijing bath house are where you’ll find it.

Source: Distractify

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