21 DIY Stepping Stones to Brighten Any Garden Walk

Garden stepping stones are great handmade garden or backyard crafts for this coming summer. To add some stepping stones in your yard you don’t need to have a great budget. Here are our favorite DIY stepping stone projects, complete with instructions for creating your own. Some of the stepping stones can be painted, others can be decorated with some broken ceramics and even old and broken toys…

1 | Square Stepping Stones

Cool-DIY-Stepping-Stone-1Tutorial  jeffreygardens.blogspot.com

2 | Cake Pan Garden Stepping Stones

Cool-DIY-Stepping-Stone-2Tutorial  www.intimateweddings.com

3 | Glow In The Dark Stepping Stones

Cool-DIY-Stepping-Stone-3Source  theurbanhomestaed.blogspot.com

4 | Leaf Imprint Stepping Stones

Cool-DIY-Stepping-Stone-4Source  pinterest.com

5 |

Cool-DIY-Stepping-Stone-5Tutorial  pinkandgreenmama.blogspot.com

6 | Rock Foot Prints EASY To Make

Cool-DIY-Stepping-Stone-6Source  harvestheart.tumblr.com

7 |

Cool-DIY-Stepping-Stone-7Source   www.hgtv.com

8 |

Cool-DIY-Stepping-Stone-8Source   www.pinterest.com

9 |

Cool-DIY-Stepping-Stone-9Source   www.midwestliving.com

10 | Rhubarb Leaf Stepping Stones

Cool-DIY-Stepping-Stone-10Tutorial   alternative-energy-gardning.blogspot.com

11 |

Cool-DIY-Stepping-Stone-11Source   www.pinterest.com

12 | Pillow Stepping Stones

Cool-DIY-Stepping-Stone-12Source   simplystoked.blogspot.com

13 | “Old Wood” Stepping Stones

Cool-DIY-Stepping-Stone-13Source   www.flickr.com

14 |

Cool-DIY-Stepping-Stone-14Tutorial   hometalk.com

15 | River Rock Stepping Stones

Cool-DIY-Stepping-Stone-15Source   www.amazon.com

16 |

Cool-DIY-Stepping-Stone-16Tutorial   www.thechildspaper.com

17 |

Cool-DIY-Stepping-Stone-17Tutorial   gardenmama.typepad.com

18 | DIY Mosaic Stepping Stones Made With Flagstone

Cool-DIY-Stepping-Stone-18Tutorial   www.intimateweddings.com

19 |

Cool-DIY-Stepping-Stone-19Source   www.pinterest.com

20 | Hopscotch Stepping Stones

Cool-DIY-Stepping-Stone-20Tutorial   readbetweenthelimes.blogspot.com

21 |

Cool-DIY-Stepping-Stone-21Source   subtropical-gardening.blogspot.com

Photos by: Architecture & Design via Google

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