20 Ways to Hide those Monstrosities Around the House

1. Turn your router into an old book

32.Turn Your Cords Into Bob Marley’s Hair

4 3. Cover your refrigerator with removable wallpaper

54. Hide your AC behind a useful to-do-list chalkboard


7 5. Use tape to improve the look of your laundry machine and drier

8 6. Decorate power switches with stickers that’ll remind your kids to save energy

97. Install drawers under the stairwell

108. Hide your power chords behind a picket fence

119. Hide your ugly router in a nice box



1410. Turn your power chords into vines

1511. Install stairs that double as drawers

1612. Hide alarms, thermostats or pool controls with some art prints

1713. Use paper towel rolls to store your wires tangle-free

1814. Turn your headphones’ wires into electrical towers


2015. Use a desk curtain to keep wires out of sight

2116. Keep your pets’ lunch out of the way with a drawer just for them

2217. Create a charging drawer for all of your electronics

2318. Hide water pipes in your garden with fake rock domes


2519. Use invisible book shelves


2720. Hide your cat’s bathroom inside a cabinet


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Author: M.A.

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