20 Modern Outdoor Accessories For A Perfect Summer Experience

Enjoy spending time outdoors? Well, who doesn’t? But enthusiasm and good weather aren’t enough to make this summer unforgettable. If you really want a blissful experience, you should invest in a few accessories. Designed to enhance your pleasure during these gorgeous summer days, these modern accessories are exactly what you should look for.

01. Amazing 3-In-1 Grill






Invite all your friends over for a BBQ and blow their minds with this awesome dining table and fire pit. The three-in-one combination makes it that much more impressive. It can sit up to 8 people and each would have their own wooden platform and portion of a grill so each can cook their own meat and veggies.{found on site}.

02. Pool Float


Hop in the pool to cool off and relax but don’t forget the King Kai Pool Float. Measuring 60 x 75 cm, it’s big enough for two people, although much better if you keep it all for yourself. It’s made of breathable fabric and filled with foam beads, it’s flexible and remains cool even when left in direct sunlight.Available for around 200$ on Amazon.

03. Igloo



Transform your garden or backyard into the perfect vacation retreat with Pasha. The igloo-shaped sofa shades you from the sun and lets you relax and enjoy the weather. Again, it’s big enough for two but much more comfortable if you enjoy it alone.

04. LED Umbrella




During the day, you need shade. At night, you need light. Get them both from the same source with with this garden parasol. It serves as an umbrella and, at night, it transforms into a light fixture with integrated LEDs.{found on site}.

05. Nest Rest




Want a little place where you can be alone with your thoughts? Nestrest from Dedon is what you’re looking for. It’s a nest-shapes suspended chair you can place in the garden, in the backyard or even on the patio. You just have to find something to hang it from.

06. Table/Lamp


Solar-powered lamps are the best for outdoor spaces. But what about a solar table? Meet Foscarini, a sleek and minimalist outdoor table made of porcelain, stoneware and polyethylene. Use it as an illuminated table or tilt it to increase the light intensity and use it as a lamp.Available for 650$.

07. Daybed


The Spartan Daybed is an extremely comfy piece of outdoor furniture hand-woven from brown wicker. It was designed to withstand the elements and comes with six accent cushions featuring fade-, stain- and mildew-resistant covers. The bed cushion, however, has to be purchased separately.{found on site}.

08. Garden ground shower


Need to quickly cool off? Hop in the shower. We’re talking, of course, about this automatic garden shower. All you need to do is step on the platform and 22 fine jets spray the water from 6-13 feet high. No tools or piping work are necessary when install the shower. All you need is a garden hose.

09. Inflatable outdoor game


How about a fun game of Twister you can play with friends when they come visit or when you plan an outdoor summer party? But forget about the tiny, regular version. Feast your eyes on this inflatable jumbo Twister. Up to 10 people can play the game and it supports up to 1,500 lbs. (that’s more than 680 kg)

10. Faz Daybed




And if you’re looking to relax alone for a while, try the Faz Daybed, a gorgeous, polygonal-shaped piece of outdoor furniture with a hydraulic system which lets you open and close it as needed. The daybed is also portable and is equipped with a sound system with built-in speakers.

11. Outback chair


Hang out in style with the Outback Chair, made of all-weather wicker and with an aluminum frame. Comes with everything you need to hang it in your garden, backyard, patio or deck. It has a funky shape and a sleek, contemporary design.{found on site}.

12. 360 degrees chair




Featuring a unique and eye-catching design, the Etazin Lounge chair has a rotating steel frame and is a sort of combination between a hammock and a chair. The inner ring rotates 360 degrees and, despite the delicate look, the whole structure is very stable.

13. Funston



If there’s two things that can make an outdoor party more enjoyable, those would be a fire pit and an ice chest. Now you can have them both in a single design. Funston is a dual-purpose accessory with two containers. One is a fire pit and the other one is an ice chest with a bottle opener on the side.Available for 299$.

14. Campfire



Building campfires is surely fun but not exactly eco-friendly. The EcoSmart Fire Stixoffers you a similar experience but in a more modern and sustainable manner. It’s a campfire-inspired stainless steel fireplace which burns clean bio-ethanol.

15. Modern kids furniture



All these things are great for grown-ups but let’s not forget that kids actually love the outdoors more than anyone. Let them enjoy the summer in style with this cute and modern collection by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. It includes a flower-shaped table and heart-shaped stools. They’re made of highly resistant materials so don’t worry about a thing.

16. Multipurpose table


There’s no point in using up all the outdoor space with lots of furniture when you can have multipurpose accessories like this one. This is an outdoor dining table which you can also use as a side table. Also, it has a built-in ice cooler in the center.Available for around 300$.

17. Pool Table


How great would it be to have a pool table you can take with you outside so you can play and have fun with friends at parties or week-ends gatherings? Of course, it would have to be this one: a water- and weather-proof pool table with a glowing tabletop and pockets.

18. Modern exterior floor lamp


Set the mood for a romantic dinner in the garden with these wonderful exterior floor lamps. They’re super easy to set up and dismantle and they each feature a row of LEDs. The sleek and sculptural design allows you to also use them as decorations the rest of the time.{found on site}.

19. Modern Hammock



Is it a hammock? Is it a rocking chair? Well, it’s actually a sophisticated combination between the two. The Woorock Hammock Swing from Georg Bechter is the perfect mix of style and functionality. It folds flat so it;s easy to store and, let’s face it, it has a drop dead gorgeous design.

20. Outdoor Dog Chaise Lounger


Of course, you can’t ignore your best friend. Your dog should be able to relax in style too so here’s a classy chaise lounge designed specifically for your pets. It has a refined look and a stylish cover to protect your beloved furry friends from the scorching hot sun.{found on fancy}.

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