20 Elegant Contemporary Kitchen Designs

While there certainly was a time when the home kitchen was seen as the domain of women, that’s far from the case today. From self-sufficient bachelors to egalitarian couples to wannabe celebrity chefs, more men than ever are cooking for themselves and for their loved ones. Of course, not many of these men want their kitchens covered in pictures of kittens in chef’s hats or even the bright, spastic yellows or quaint ginghams of “country chic” and designers are catching on. The kitchens featured here are sleek, modern, and ready for any style-conscious man to get to work.

1 | Visualizer: U6

A glowing white kitchen can feel a bit too sterile so U6 Studio has brought in some light colored wood to warm things up in this open kitchen design.


2 | Visualizer: Delta Tracing

Creative overhead lighting in this kitchen from Delta Tracing gives the room a very mod feel.


3 | Visualizer: Delta Tracing

Giving the breakfast bar area a separate wood finish creates a relaxing separation from the kitchen’s countertop and a comfortable place for guests to relax while dinner is being prepared.


4 | Visualizer: Delta Tracing

Not all bachelor’s have space for a fully equipped gourmet kitchen, so this sleek design makes efficient and beautiful use of every square inch.


5 | Visualizer: Delta Tracing

A butcher block countertop is a dream come true for any chef, making quick work of chopping and aging beautifully over time.


6 | Visualizer: Delta Tracing

Marble countertops are the height of luxury and the dark coloring keeps thing completely manly in this creative kitchen from Delta Tracing.


7 | Visualizer: Delta Tracing

Black and white is always chic as evidenced in this kitchen/breakfast bar space that’s perfect for one (or hopefully two).


8 | Visualizer: Delta Tracing

Not every kitchen needs to adhere to monochromatic schemes to be more masculine. The mustard yellow countertop in this kitchen cleverly winds around a corner making a perfect space for breakfast or a neat, inspiring work area.


9 | Visualizer: Sergey Baskakov

Tucking bulky appliances like a stove into the wall makes this gleaming white kitchen seem that much more orderly.


10 | Visualizer: Edenux

The centerpiece in this kitchen is certainly the massive copper hood. Natural, neutral elements like a cool wood table and soft drapes help to focus attention there.


11 | Visualizer: Holzrausch

No bachelor kitchen is complete with a place to store and display wine. This out-of-the-way option keeps it accessible without being ostentatious.


12 | Visualizer: 2G Studio

A perfectly framed window lets light into this otherwise dark kitchen, making it seem bigger, brighter, and more comfortable.


13 | Designer: Poliform

An acute angle in this black and white kitchen adds a surprising amount of interest, as well as practical chopping space.


14 | Source: Dwell

The awesomely unique angular counter is definitely a centerpiece in this narrow penthouse kitchen.


15 | Visualizer: Denis Krasikov

The combination of black, white, and sunlight make this kitchen the perfect marriage of the masculine and feminine without straying too far into either.


16 |

Angular and clean, this kitchen could easily fit into the corner of any bachelor pad and heat a burrito or support a five course meal.


17 | Designer: Cesar

Kitchen cabinetry is great, but someone that wants to display his treasured cookbooks would do well with this island that adds shelving to the lower space.


18 | Visualizer: J3DSN

Rustic is the key to this kitchen design, which uses warm natural wood from floor to ceiling.


19 | Via: Decourban

When it comes to modern lofts, using warm wood to offset the cool and sometimes sterile concrete fixtures is essential, as demonstrated here in this modern kitchen.


20 | Visualizer: Cyril Atmachidi

This large white island is the perfect canvas to begin any gourmet meal.


Source: Home Designing 

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