20 DIY Wallpapered Stair Risers Ideas To Give Stairs Some Flair

Staircase might be the most easily overlooked place in your home you’d think to decorate. As staircase designs are challenging for decorating, so many people leave stairs bare. But after seeing these decorating ideas we’ve collected here, you will find the staircase is one more opportunity to give your home your own amazing creative flair. You will find that adding beautiful wallpapers to stair risers is an easy way to enrich the interior of your home and create bold centerpieces. Get inspired!

1. Tree wallpapered stair risers:

AD-Stair-Risers-Decor-1Image via: apartmenttherapy.com

2. Floral Stair Risers:

AD-Stair-Risers-Decor-2Image via: brit.co

3. Use decals, wallpaper or stencils to create the look you want:

AD-Stair-Risers-Decor-3Image via: decoratingfiles.com

4. Mosaic stair risers:

AD-Stair-Risers-Decor-4Full Tutorial: silvahayes.hubpages.com

5. Make a chevron pattern on stairs:

AD-Stair-Risers-Decor-5Image via: simpledwellings.blogspot.com    Full Tutorial: community.homedepot.com

6. Removable wallpapers with a variety of patterns:

AD-Stair-Risers-Decor-6Full Tutorial: theboldabode.com

7. “swarovski”stair risers:

AD-Stair-Risers-Decor-7Image via: luuux.com

8. Use chalkboard paint on the risers of staircase:

AD-Stair-Risers-Decor-8Image via: wordpress.com

9. Switching up eye-catching patterns:

AD-Stair-Risers-Decor-9Image via: ginghamandwatercolors.tumblr.com

10. Each stair riser feature a phrase, idiom or quote:

AD-Stair-Risers-Decor-10Image via: houseofturquoise.com

11. Depict your favorite books on each step:

AD-Stair-Risers-Decor-11Image via: randomactsofreading.wordpress.com

12. Iron Pattern:

AD-Stair-Risers-Decor-12Image via: etsy.com

13. Washi tape stair risers:


14. Number decals help the kids learn to count:

AD-Stair-Risers-Decor-14Image via: decoratingfiles.com

15. Bare white stairs transformed into a lovely new décor statement:

AD-Stair-Risers-Decor-15Image via: blog.brewsterwallcovering.com

16. Think outside the box by mixing and matching colors and patterns:

AD-Stair-Risers-Decor-16Image via: blog.brewsterwallcovering.com

17. Painted stairs for a cheerful graphic effect:

AD-Stair-Risers-Decor-17Image via: homerenovations.about.com

18. An uppercase Living photo print:

AD-Stair-Risers-Decor-18Image via: bitchinbackyard.wordpress.com

19. Staircase with Mediterranean-inspired risers:

AD-Stair-Risers-Decor-19Image via: homedit.com

20. A waterfall coming down your steps:

AD-Stair-Risers-Decor-20Image via: pinterest.com

Source: Architecture & Design

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