19 Practical And Ingenious Bathroom Gadgets – Keep Up With The Trends

The kitchen and the bathroom are the areas of the house that constantly need changes because technology advances and all sorts of new gadgets and appliances are offered to the consumers. They are meant to make our lives easier and to offer us more comfort along with other improvements. For the bathroom, the following gadgets could definitely be nice additions. They’re not only useful but also fun and good-looking.

1. Aqueduck Faucet Extender

The bathroom is often short and this can create problems especially for the children who have trouble reaching it. It’s when this ingenious and good-looking Aquaduck extension comes in very handy. Attach to the tap and that’s all.available for 13$.

2. Flo Water Deflector & Bubble Bath Dispenser.

This is Flo, a water deflector that also has a bubble bath reservoir dispenser. It can be slipped over the faucet and it will divert the water creating a small waterfall. It adds a nice dramatic effect to your bathtub and it’s also very fun and useful for bubble baths.Available for 18$.

3. Moby Bath Spout Cover.

This cute little thing is Moby. It’s a sprout cover meant to make your faucet more attractive and cute. In addition, it’s very useful because it’s soft and it protects your baby’s head from accidental bumps in the tub. It features an adjustable fin strap and hook tail.Available for13$.

4. Mirror clearer.

Don’t you just hate it when the mirror is all fogged up after you take a bath or shower. You can clean it with your hand or towel but it will never look clean as it did before. Well, that can change because now you have this useful mirror cleaner. Attach it to your mirror with the suction cup and simply use it as a windshield wiper.Available for 12$.

5. Roller Toothpaste.

This gadget might seem funny but it’s actually also very useful. It’s a toothpaste squeezer that fits on the end of any toothpaste tube and then easily winds to dispense the toothpaste. This way you no longer have to squeeze the tube and you can also make sure the tube remains empty when it’s finished.Available for 5$.

6. Toothpaste Dispenser.

Kids are not very enthusiastic about having to brush their teeth so it really helps to make this habit more fun for them with cute-looking toothbrushes and all sorts of other things. For example, you could use this cute-looking thing. It’s a toothpaste tube attachment for dog lovers.Available for 5$.

7. Tubtanic Bath Plug.

I don’t know about useful but this thing is definitely fun to have in the bathroom. It’s the Tubtanic bath plug, a fun bathroom accessory that looks just like a miniature scene from the legendary Titanic movie. Have fun imagining scenes while you’re taking a relaxing bath.Available for 5$.

8. Help Sink Plug.

In the same category of fun bathroom accessories we also have this drain stopper. Called Help!, it’s basically just a classic drain plug with a fun modern twist.Available for 15$.

9. Thermometer Spout Cover.

Have you ever wondered which temperature is perfect for you when you’re taking a bath? It can be useful to know. This spout cover comes with a digital display which shows the water temperature. This way you can simply set it to the desired temperature and adjust the water more easily.Available on site.

10. Diabolo Toilet Paper Holder .

Another practical thing to have in your bathroom would also be this toilet paper holder. It has a fresh design that introduced a new concept for an old creation. It operates by a pulley system and it features orange nautical rope that wraps around the white tube.Available on site.

11. D.Dog Toilet tissue paper holder.

Also designed to make toilet paper look more interesting, this item will definitely add a fun touch to your bathroom. It’s a playful toilet tissue paper holder in the shape of a canine’s backside. Buy it as a gift or for your own use.Available for 22$.

12. Toilet paper Holder.

And since we started discussing toilet paper, here’s another interesting and funny gadget for your bathroom. It holds two rolls of toilet paper and they are held by a very strong little man. It’s fun, playful and useful at the same time.

13. Baby Shampoo Cap.

What babies hate most about bath time is the shampoo and water that gets into their eyes. So why not make this activity more fun for them by protecting their faces with this lovely hat. It’s adjustable and it’s made of soft material.

14. Sticker Shower.

Keep the shower head at the desired height with this cute and useful sticker. It’s made from a rubbery material and it sticks to any surface. Simply slip your shower hose thru and place it wherever you want on the wall but not necessarily.Found on site.

15. Shaving Pedestal.

This little gadget, if it can even be called so, was designed for women but it could also be useful to men in certain conditions. It’s a non-chip ceramic shaving pedestal that allows you to sit comfortably and safe while you take care of this routine.

16. iPad Shower Curtain.

Wouldn’t you like it if you had speakers in your bathroom and you could listen to your favorite tunes while you’re taking a shower? This is not a problem if you decide to get this musical shower curtain. It has a set of built-in speakers and a waterproof pocket where you can put your iPod/iPad, etc.Available for 45$.

17. Single-Handed Soap Dispenser by Joseph Joseph.

Very simple but also very useful, this soap pump has a very nice C-shaped design, hence its name, the C-pump. It allows you to dispense the soap with the back of the hand and it has a non-slip base and a soap level indicator.Available for 15$.

18. Rinser Toothbrush Into Fountain.

I’m sure that everyone can relate to this: the moment when you’re brushing your teeth and you have to get water into your hand to rinse. It’s not exactly pleasant. So how about a toothbrush with a design that allows you to turn it into a drinking fountain?Found on site.

19. Gel Nose Wash Shower Dispense.

Let’s finish with another fun gadget. This is a nose-shaped shower gel dispenser, very clever and playful. Put it on the wall and simply push whenever you need soap or shower gel. It’s also something that a good friend would appreciate as a gift.Available for 10$.

Source: Homedit

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