18 Easy DIY Projects That Will Simplify Your Kitchen

My father once told me that kitchen remodeling is the most stressful thing that a family can go through – he said this while cooking a meal on a hot plate in the living room while his own kitchen was being remodeled.
Luckily, a total kitchen overhaul isn’t always necessary when it comes to sprucing up your kitchen. In fact, you can upgrade your cooking space with simple tricks that won’t break the bank – and won’t require you to break through any walls.Here, we’ve compiled 18 simple ideas to update your own kitchen space. These ideas are fun, simple, and will only cost you a fraction of what it would to replace the cabinets or update the floors. Sometimes in life, the small changes make a huge difference – #7 might just be a game-changer.

01. Spruce up your coffee canisters with these cute burlap covers.


02. Personalize your refrigerator with these adorable bottle cap photo magnets.


03. Make your own colorful oven mitts and hot pads.


04. Decorate your kitchen with fun words and these faux-zinc lettering.


05. Upgrade your backsplash with a modern twist.


06. Fill your extra counter and windowsill space with these adorable teacup gardens.


07. Keep your fridge shelves clean by lining them with placemats – when things get dirty, just remove and wash!

08. Paint yourself a customized and beautiful teapot.

9. If you’re running out of shelf space, try making one of these clever DIY coffee mug holders.

10. Add some old-fashioned lettering to clear glass canisters.

11. Fill your kitchen walls with clever, kitchen-related art.

just two spoons and a frame.

12. DIY some tea towels for special, occasions.


13. Give your kitchen drawers a bright pop of color by lining them with colorful paper.

14. If you prefer a more earthy look, try updating your backsplash with river rocks.

15. Plan your family’s meals with this DIY menu board.

16. Improve your cupboards with attention to small details.

17. Keep your iPad out of the way with this cute tablet holder.

18. Organize your pans and muffin tins with an old magazine rack.


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