17 Most Amazing Baths on Earth

After a hard day at work, there is nothing more relaxing than a long warm bath. That is the best way to release stress from your system! Just look at these most amazing baths on Earth. Who wouldn’t like to relax in one of them!? If you ever win a lottery, I am sure one of these baths will be your number one choice for your new home!

1. House of Would / Elii

1You have to admit that this is one of the coolest baths you’ve ever seen. Come on, it even has a slide! Perfect to relax and have fun at the same time! Sunken bath tubs are just the best! Source

2. Japanese Style Spa Bathtub

2The bathroom also can be romantic and cozy like a bedroom! Just look at this awesome Japanese style spa bathtub – this is what we call ‘luxury’. It’s truly amazing! Source

3. Outdoor Seaside Bath in Maldives

3Who wouldn’t like to relax here?? This outdoor seaside bath is located in Maldivi and it really looks like a piece of paradise that is reserved just for you! You have to admit, there is nothing quite as liberating as taking a shower in the great outdoors! Source

4. Modern Attic Bath

4If you are looking for something fabulous for your attic apartment, then you don’t have to look further. This modern attic bath just looks so amazing and luxurious! And yet so simple! Who wouldn’t like to throw themselves into this bath after a hectic day. Source

5. Beautiful wooden bath with overhead rain shower

5This bath looks just like a dream. Is it possible that something this amazing really exists? Beautiful wooden bath with overhead rain shower is without any doubt one of the most amazing baths on this planet! Source

6. Alegna Wood Bathtub

6This wonderful wooden bath looks so warm and natural. Fine hardwood material and gentle brown colors will turn any bathroom in your personal oasis, just like this one! Source

7. Luxurious waterfall shower and bath

7There’s nothing as refreshing as a good shower. Maybe you just woke up or you are going to bed. Maybe you just need a midday rejuvenation. What ever it is, standing under the strong shower will take all your worries away! This enormous, luxurious waterfall shower and bath is just calling you to come in and enjoy Source

8. Bath with a Fire Place

8This bath will definitely be a part of everyone’s dream house. A romantic fireplace and a stone wall gives a specific charm to this bath. Perfect bath for snuggling with your better half! Source

9. Innovative Bathroom with Metallic Gray Whirlpool Jacuzzi Bathtub

9Here is one minimalistic and modern looking bath! Metallic gray color gives this corner bathtub a really sharp look! It would perfectly fit in any apartment! Source

10. Adventurous Bath Design

10If you weren’t impressed before, now you definitely will be! This awesome bathroom is just so unique! The lights, simple white jacuzzi tub, floral mosaic – everything just fits perfectly together! Source

11. Panoramic Curved Bathroom

11This one looks like a Batman bath. And if it’s good for Batman, it’s good for everyone! Ok, now without joking – this simple looking bath is just amazing! Black and white – modern and minimalistic! Source

12. Pepe Calderin Bath Design in Palazzo del Mare

12This one is designed by a Pepe Calderin Design firm, a modern interior designer that serves the Miami Beach area. If you want something like this in your apartment, feel free to call them. Of course, if anyone out there can afford this! Source

13. Amazing emerald bath in La Sultana Marrakech in Marrakech, Morocco

13Look at this amazing emerald bath. It’s located in Marrakech, Morocco. Morocco style is just so unique, exotic, exciting and mystical! Looks awesome! Source

14. Red Diamond Bathtub

14This is one of the most expensive bathtubs ever made. You are not sure why? It has two waterproof HDTVs, GSM remote control, console with massive gold frame and Swarowski crystals. Are you wondering about the price? It’s more than 45 thousand dollars! Source

15. World’s Most Expensive Bathtub

15If you’ve won the lottery recently and you are not sure how to spend it, then look at this! What do you think about this bathtub? It’s made of solid copper and the cool fact is that it’s hand-crafted by the same people who refurbished Statue of Liberty’s torch. Source

16. Relaxing Bathroom with a Black Tub

16Simple, but beautiful. This bath really looks relaxing, like a place where you can leave all your problems behind! Source

17. A Touch of Luxury from Tokyo

17This bath is part of the most expensive one-bedroom apartment in the world, located in Tokyo. The apartment has only one bedroom and three (!!!) bathrooms! I hope there are no neighbors that can look through this window! Source

Via: www.apartmentgeeks.com

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