16 Beautiful Manmade Landforms You Have To Visit Once In Your Lifetime

If we’re going to make artificial lakes, rivers, geysers, mountains, and reefs, we might as well make them pretty.

1 | Lake Powell



The second largest man made reservoir in the US, Lake Powell sits on the Arizona/Utah border.

2 | Longsheng Rice Terrace



The Longsheng Rice Terraces are 650 years old, and are sometimes referred to as the “Dragon’s Backbone” Rice Terraces for their resemblance to dragon’s scales, and the way they snake up Longji Mountain.

3 | Fly Geyser



Located on private land in Nevada, this alien looking geyser is the accidental product of well drilling north of Gerlach.

4 | Zeya Reservoir



Located in Zeya, Russia on the Zeya River, the Zeya Reservoir is the byproduct of the Zeya Dam, a hydroelectric gravity dam that generates 4.91 terawatt-hours.

5 | Lake Nasser



Stretching from Egypt to Sudan, Lake Nasser is one of the largest manmade bodies of water in the world, and is the product of the Aswan High Dam construction in the mid- to late 1900’s.

6 | Providence Canyon



Sometimes referred to as the “Little Grand Canyon of Georgia,” the 1,003 acres of Providence Canyon are the partial product of improper farming practices in the 19th century, leading to soil erosion.

7 | Lake Las Vegas



Sure, it’s beautiful because it was landscaped that way, but the aerial view of Lake Las Vegas demonstrates how perfectly it approximates the oases of legend.

8 | Banaue Rice Terraces



Known locally as the “Eight Wonder of the World,” these rice terraces have been around and in use for over 2,000 years.

9 | Indigo Lake



This fishing hole in Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area (Ohio) was originally Gray’s Quarry, and was filled in to become a lake when the park service took over the area in 1974.

10 | Lake Piva



The “most elevated artificial reservoir in the world,” Lake Piva in Montenegro sits 2215 feet above sea level.

11 | Nebraska National Forest



Arguably the largest man made forest in the world, the sprawling 142,000 acres of Nebraska National Forest started as just a handful of saplings planted in the early 20th century.

12 | Honghe Hani Rice Terraces



The 1,200-year-old internet famous Honghe Hani Rice Terraces in China were named a world heritage site just last year.

13 | Perucac Lake



Another product of the hydroelectricity movement, Perucac Lake was formed when the Drina River in Serbia was dammed. Behind its beauty lies a sinister secret, as it may have been a major dumping site for executed civilians during the 1992 Visegrad Massacres.

14 | Analavory Cold Water Geyser



Not unlike the Fly Geyser, the 4 geysers in Analavory, Madagascar are the product of underground mining. Nutrient and acid-rich water is piped out and away from the mines, leaving incredible deposits that resemble natural geysers over time.

15 | Foy’s Lake



Created in 1924 to provide a supply of water to those who had relocated to the area while working on the railroad, today Foy’s Lake in Chittagong, Bangladesh is the centerpiece of the Foy’s Lake Amusement Park.



16 | USCG Duane



Sure, we cringe when we hear about big things sinking (intentionally or otherwise) to rest permanently out of sight and mind at the bottom of the ocean. It turns out, however, that artificial reefs formed around this debris can have remarkably positive effects on the ecosystems they exist in. Take the USCG Duane, sunk in 1987, as a prime example.

Source: Distractify

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