15 Creative Ways to Make Your Bed Awesome

To make your bedroom look fantastic, you only need good details and some creativity. And it all starts with the bed! So here’s a collection of good ideas to inspire you.

1 | Grey & White With Horizontal Bed

“Meow” is the only adjective we can think of when we look at this feline bed. Isn’t it super cute? The cat pillows go perfectly with the back and white palette.

2 | College Dorm Room Inspiration

What do you get when you combine a duvet that looks more like a sleeping bag with tapestry on the wall? It’s the ultimate dorm room style. All you need to complete the decor are those little round lights and some photos of your idols and you’re good to go.

3 | The Couch-Bed


Don’t know how to fit a sofa and a bed in the same small space? Well, why can’t you have both? Here’s an example of how to mix the two ideas: this awesome piece of furniture is a couch during the day and a cozy bed during the night. And you can still use the space under to store your boxes.

4 | The Beanbag Hammock Style

Here’s another clever idea that shows you how to put two great things together: a beanbag and a hammock. Meet the beanock! It will swing you gently to sleep while keeping you totally comfortable.

5 | The Boho-Chic Bed

The style mixes different influences and that is, probably, what makes it even better. One of the best tips to make your bedroom unique is to choose a unique bed, like this one. Then, it’s just a matter of complementing the creative shape with colorful and rich details.

6 | Mixed Throw Pillows & Eclectic Lighting

If you are a Bollywood fan, this is the right bed for you. The Indian-inspired colors and shapes of the linens and throw pillows create a strange harmony in this bedroom. Besides, the blend of Oriental details with a few Moroccan and Turkish elements make it simply perfect.

7 | The Bed On Wheels

If the world practical could be applied to one thing and one thing only, it would be the bed on wheels: it’s usually small, you can move it around to clean more easily and you can store lots of stuff under the bed and take them without having to move every single box when you want something. Besides, these beds can also be quite stylish.

8 | The Smart Bed


Having a smart bed like this one where you can use clever spaces to store your belongings (in this case, pillows, blankets, linens or towels) is an amazing trick for small bedrooms. If you hate to live in a cluttered space, a smart bed is the answer to your problems.

9 | The Tree Bed

Pay attention: it’s not a tree bed (like a tree house, the dream of every kid), it’s a bed made of trees. A beautiful and artistic bed like this one will surely turn your room into something unique. However, be careful when choosing the rest of the decor, this bed must always be the center of attention.

10 | A Kid’s Fantasy

Some children are really lucky, especially if they get to have a bed like this one. An original bed with a fun shape can totally transform a kid’s bedroom into something extraordinary.

11 | The Black Design

If you are going all black, bet on shapes and textures to make your bed and bedroom visually interesting. Otherwise, it will get boring and too dark. A pop of color – even if it’s a neutral white – will be like an oasis of light and will create a breaking point, making the decor seem finished and more complete.

12 | The Minimalist Bed


You can have a great bedroom even with a minimalist bed and a simple black and white palette. To break this decorative base, create focus points with words or numbers, adding a soft element like a plant. Put it all together and this could be the bedroom of your dreams!

13 | The King’s Bed

A creative headboard can be a miracle worker when it comes to defining the style of your bedroom. If combined with the right elements according to its shape, it can completely transform the decor.

14 | The Musical Bed


No, this bed won’t start playing music at three in the morning. What we say “musical bed“, we are talking about the inspiration of this bed and bedroom. From the sound table-inspired duvet to the soundproof headboard, nothing is missing.

15 | The Wild Bed

We started with cats and now we end with their bigger cousins. Here is a savannah-inspired bed to fit your wildest desires. Complement this bold choice with a simple decor and you get a unique bedroom.

Source: www.apartmentgeeks.com

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