13 Truly Creative Ways to Create Space in Your Apartment

Living in a small apartment is not always easy, but these 13 tips might help you with some “traditional” problems. Get inspired by this list and give your apartment a spacious look.

1 | Convert That Balcony Into A Breakfast Parlor

There’s nothing better than sitting on a sunny balcony while drinking your morning coffee to start your day in the best way. Besides, by using one of your balcony’s flanks to create such a nice little haven, you are making the most of the available space.

2 | Transform Your Closet

Big house appliances usually demand a lot of room, but this headache can be avoided if you’re clever. Just make the most of a closet and transform it into a very small, but extremely organized, laundry room.

3 | Create A Little Desk For The Children

Do you know that corner in the kid’s room you are always trying to fill with something, but every option just seems too crammed? This is the perfect answer: if your children still don’t have a drawing table, you can provide a simple and cheap solution.

4 | Transform A Closet Into A Mini Office

4Here’s another tip to make the most of a closet: if you can’t seem to fit a desk anywhere else in the house, you can use a small closet to create an organized working space.

5 | Create A Balcony Garden

5If you love flowers, living in a small apartment without space to display plants might be making you sad. Well, not anymore! Take this idea and create your own balcony garden.

6 | Organize Your Rooms

6Living in a studio, without walls to tell you where each room starts and ends, might be confusing at first, but it just requires the right amount of organization and a few decor tricks. Use big furniture to create divisions and make the most of the available space.

7 | An Original Bedside Table

If you have a small room and the usual bedside tables feel too hefty for such a space, maybe you can go with something lighter (and more original): this picture shows you how a garden step can serve as a beautiful bedside table.

8 | Compact Working Space

8Instead of having a bookcase and a desk occupying way more space than you need, why not put the two together and create a compact working and study space? Organize it the best way you can and you will end up with another great solution for your small apartment.

9 | Save On Kitchen Space

9To save space in the kitchen and avoid having to get another cabinet with more drawers to fill, you can simply copy an idea that is usually a space-saver in garages.

10 | Even A Small Bedroom Can Have A Desk

Everybody who knows the basics about decoration and design knows how hard it is to decorate a small bedroom, but here’s a great idea for people looking to insert a functional solution into this room.

11 | Narrow Bedroom Design

11What can you do when your room is the size of the closet? Stop whining and make the most of it. Here’s a great solution for a narrow bedroom with lots of light and pastel colors to soften the harsh lack of space. Tip: the light pattern on the wall gives the idea of depth.

12 | Transform A Corner Into A Beautiful Work Space

Even the smallest corner in your house can be used for something great. Here’s an example of how it is possible to transform that useful corner in your living room into a beautiful and quite useful working space.

13 | Create A Smart Closet

Do you have an extra closet, but no more clothes to put in it? No, don’t throw it out. You can easily use it to create a space that will allow you to declutter other rooms and create an organized storage unit.

Source: www.apartmengeeks.com

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