12 Undercounter Refrigerators – The New Must-Have In Modern Kitchens

Undercounter refrigerator drawers have lately become increasingly popular in modern and contemporary kitchens. They’re an ideal addition as they don’t only provide extra storage but also enhance the functionality of your kitchen and can serve as a focal point. To learn more about these features, check out these great designs.

1 | Undercounter Kitchen Refrigerator Drawers


2 | Kitchen Island With Built In Refrigerator

2-kitchen-island-with-built-in-refrigeratorSleek and practical, these undercounter refrigerator drawers are ideal for storing fresh fruit, vegetables, snacks and even beverages. It’s a lot easier to organize everything in these drawers than in your regular fridge and, this way, you always have everything you need close at hand when you’re cooking.

3 | Stone Barbeque Kitchen


4 | Outdoor Kitchen Cool-Refrigerator Undercountertop

4-outdoor-kitchen-cool-refrigerator-undercountertopCold storage is needed in regular and outdoors kitchens alike and undercounter refrigerators are the perfect solution in both cases. Compact but also simple and well-organized, these undercounter refrigerators feature a glass door so you can identify the item you need just by looking inside. Also, some come with a separate wine rack so you can adjust the temperature separately.

5 | Kitchen Island With Refrigerator Undercounter

5-kitchen-island-with-refrigerator-undercounterUndercounter refrigerators usually fit perfectly inside your kitchen island. They can occupy one of the sides, where they’re easily accessible. Similarly, you can have a built-in wine cooler in your kitchen island.

6 | Dual Zone Freezer Refrigerator Drawers Undecounter


7-dual-zone-freezer-refrigerator-drawers-undecounterUndercounter refrigerators usually fit perfectly inside your kitchen island. They can occupy one of the sides, where they’re easily accessible. Similarly, you can have a built-in wine cooler in your kitchen island.

7 | White Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers


8-white-undercounter-refrigerator-drawersThe two undercounter refrigerator drawers can each serve a function. For example, one can be used as a beverage cooler and one for chilling fruits. The extra cool storage is an awesome thing to have when you’re hosting summer parties.

8 | Mini Refrigerator Under Counter


10-mini-refrigerator-under-counterAnd if two cool drawers aren’t enough for your kitchen, add an undercounter refrigerator by its side. The True Professional Series models match and look great in this setting. Store your miscellaneous in the fridge and everything else you can hide in the drawers.

9 | Marble Countertop Refrigerator And Winde Storage Under


12-marble-countertop-refrigerator-and-winde-storage-underAnother very nice combo is a refrigerator and a wine cabinet. With these two and some regular storage you have everything you need for your outdoor kitchen. They’re both sleek and simple so they fit perfectly in any modern décor.

10 | Undercounter Refrigerator Pull Out Drawers

13-undercounter-refrigerator-pull-out-drawersSome models, like the 15” Signature Series Wine Reserve have these great drawers that slide out and are incredibly practical and convenient. Use it to store and display your wine collection. The stainless steel doors keep your precious bottles safe inside.

11 | Bedroom Refrigerator Like Nightstand

14-bedroom-refrigerator-like-nightstandWhy limit yourself to the kitchen when you can also enjoy these practical refrigerators elsewhere in the house as well. For example, keep a stash of cold beverages and snacks in your bedrooms to save you the trip to the kitchen. You can fit one inside a nightstand.

12 | Undercounter Wine Cabinet


16-undercounter-Wine-CabinetMaintain the perfect conditions for your wine without compromising style with a sleek undercounter wine cabinet. It occupies little space and can become a part of your kitchen island or you can find some room for it under the counter.

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Source: Homedit

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