12 Of The Giant Living Sculptures At Atlanta Botanical Gardens’ Exhibition

Mosaiculture is an excellent art form for those among us with the green thumbs and the space to do it. An excellent example of this complex but beautiful artistic process would be the “Imaginary Worlds” mosaiculture exhibition at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens – these elaborate and massive green structures create mystical and fantastic worlds that are lush with living foliage.

There is more to these amazing works of living art than meets the eye. Most of them begin with a steel frame of some sort, which is covered with steel mesh. This mesh is then covered with sphagnum moss and soil, which is seeded with all sorts of plants. Underneath the mesh, a network of irrigation channels supply water to the plants on the surface, helping them grow.

These amazing green structures seem to rise out of the earth and plants around them. And because the plants they are made from are living, they always stay green and fresh. Obviously, because of the textures and shapes that can be created with moss and low-growth plants, many of these structures lend themselves to organic forms, mimicking people or animals. The largest of them all, Earth Goddess, is 25 feet tall and is a permanent piece at the garden.

The exhibition will be up through October, so if you’re ever in the area, be sure to pay them a visit. There are all kinds of events scheduled in relation to the sculptures as well, so be sure to visit their website.

1 | Image credits: atlantabotanicalgarden.org


2 | Image credits: atlantabotanicalgarden.org


3 | Image credits: ugardener


4 | Image credits: atlantabotanicalgarden.org


5 | Image credits: ugardener


6 | Image credits: Atlanta Photo Man


7 | Image credits: atlantabotanicalgarden.org


8 | Image credits: ugardener


9 | Image credits: petalthoughtleaf.com


10 | Image credits: David Reed


11 | Image credits: petalthoughtleaf.com


12 | Image credits: ugardener


Photos Courtesy of  Atlanta Botanical Garden (via Bore Panda)

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