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  1. Good afternoon,

    My name is Christina and I’m the marketing manager for Simplemost ( I’m reaching out today to connect with someone that handles Architecture & Design’s partnership and revenue sharing relationships.

    I have a proposition for Architecture & Design— specifically around sharing some Simplemost content on your social pages in exchange for a portion of the revenue generated when users visit our site.

    It appears you’ve worked with sites like Bored Panda – would you be open to partnering with us?

    Why Simplemost content:
    We publish a few dozen stories a day and hold each story to high journalistic standards. Each story goes through a proprietary & rigorous testing + optimization process (headline, caption, image, etc). From there, we send only the best of the best to our partners for sharing, which helps generate 2-4x higher CTR and engagement.

    As a result, this not only drives revenue, but helps boost your edge rank and affinity score on social media sites like Facebook (as you know, the more someone engages with your page, the more Facebook shows them your stuff).

    About Simplemost:
    Founded in 2015, Simplemost is one of the fastest growing lifestyle digital communities. We focus on providing inspiring, informative and straight-forward tips, ideas and advice to help people navigate their busy lives. From travel to recipes, life hacks, deals, entertainment news and more, Simplemost is here to help others get the most out of their day.

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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