21 Fairytale Castles You Can Actually Stay At

Live like royalty.

1. Helen’s Tower, Northern Ireland

Helen's Tower, Northern Ireland

Channel Rapunzel in this scenic tower. Make a booking here.

2. Notre-Dame-de-Sanilhac, France

Notre-Dame-de-Sanilhac, France
Home Away / Via homeaway.co.uk

Thirty-two acres of bliss. Make a booking here.

3. Castello Aragonese, Italy

Castello Aragonese, Italy
Home Away
3. Castello Aragonese, ItalyHome Away

What could be more perfect than a castle on an island? Make a reservation here.

4. Chateau Plombis, France

Chateau Plombis, France
Home Away

This 19th-century castle has a swimming pool *and* a tennis court. Make a booking here.

5. Dairsie Castle, Fife

Dairsie Castle, Fife

Medieval and marvellous. Make a booking here.

6. Château de Challain, France

Château de Challain, France
6. Château de Challain, FranceHome Away

Absolutely spectacular. Make a booking here.

7. Augill Castle, Cumbria

Located between the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales, this castle makes for the perfect bolthole. Make a reservation here.

8. Ballyhannon Castle, Ireland

8. Ballyhannon Castle, IrelandHome Away

8. Ballyhannon Castle, Ireland-1Serious Game of Thrones vibes in this 15th-century Irish castle. Make a booking here.

9. Swinton Park, Yorkshire

Swinton Park, Yorkshire
Good Hotel Guide

Relax in the Yorkshire Dales. Make a booking here.

10. Carr Hall Castle, Yorkshire

Carr Hall Castle, Yorkshire

Perfect for a quiet getaway. Make a reservation here. There are plenty to choose from – HomeAway has 711 castles on its site.

11. Château de Barnay, France

Château de Barnay, France

Fairytale fantastic. Make a booking here.

12. Chateau d`Hattonchâtel, France

Chateau d`Hattonchâtel, France

Make “once upon a time” a reality. Make a booking here.

13. Château des Bordes, France

This beauty dates back to the 14th century. Make a booking here.

14. Les Roches, France

Les Roches, France

Whimsical and wonderful. Make a booking here.

15. Dunrobin Castle, Sutherland

Dunrobin Castle, Sutherland

This castle would be perfect for a wedding. Make a booking here.

16. Domus Civita, Italy

Domus Civita, Italy

This hilltown residence is straight out of Narnia. Make a booking here.

17. South Stainmore, Kirkby

South Stainmore, Kirkby

Explore the Lake District from this spectacular base. Make a booking here.

18. Galway, Ireland

Galway, Ireland

This 14th-century castle will make you feel like royalty. Make a booking here.

19. Glenapp Castle, Scotland

Glenapp Castle, Scotland
Good Hotel Guide / Via goodhotelguide.com

Channel all your Downton dreams. Make a booking here.

20. Le Manoir Equivocal, France

Le Manoir Equivocal, France

Relax in this dreamy spot. Make a booking here.

21. Tipperary, Ireland

Tipperary, Ireland

Built in 1480, this castle has a candlelit Great Hall, should you need it. Make a booking here.

Source: BuzzFeed

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