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15 Beautiful Mesmerizing Bedroom Designs

If you are a regular follower, you will know that we occasionally compile a list of beautiful designs for a particular room or space. Sometimes we make these posts cover general topics like foyers or bathrooms but occasionally we go as specific as to even deal with a specific color like green living rooms or white dining rooms. This post about bedrooms is actually quite random. We just compiled a list of beautiful bedrooms we saw around the net of late.

If you feel that there is another beautiful bedroom out there that needs to be featured here at Architecture & Design, please mention that in the comments. Also we run a steady stream of cool posts like this at A&D and if you like to be notified when we have more such inspiring posts, please like us and suggest us to your friends!

01. Modern bedroom with high contrast of  black & white with awesome lighting.

02. A gorgeous master bedroom with a unique bed.

03. An elegant master bedroom with a stunning view.

04. An open bedroom with elegant wall decor.

05. A king size luxurious bedroom with awesome use of colors.

A view from the same bedroom (but from the other side)

06. A beautiful master bedroom with unique textures.

07. A surreal master bedroom with ocean view.

08. Master bedroom with indoor bath and with an awesome view.

09. Modern, but still with an oriental flavor.

10. Bedroom with tub visualized by Semsa.

A view from the same bedroom (but from the other side)

11. The focus is the painting here. Very overpowering.

12. Soft, Fresh & Classic.

13. A surreal bedroom with great view.

14. A stunning master bedroom with mesmerizing lighting.

15. The Glass Pavilion modern master bedroom.

Photo Courtesy: Architecture & Design

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